Socks, Underwear Belgrade

Address: 10d/II Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., jug np 21, New Belgrade
Belgrade Phone: 011/311-02-54, (tel/fax) 011/2130-535, 011/314-9735
E-mail: tamara_doo@yahoo.com
Website: www.tamara.co.rs

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Tamara ltd. is a company that began work in Belgrade in 1996. We are located at 10d/II south np 21 street in New Belgrade. Our main activities include import and sales of socks as well as selling bathing suits and underwear made by famous Italian companies. We offer a large selection of laundry and bathing suits but also tights, tank tops, men’s pajamas, tunics and others.

We try to provide swift and high quality services so that our customers want to come back. We always keep in step with Italian fashion which sets the global trends.

Wholesale of men and women’s socks:

- exclusive distributers of Filodoro socks
- exclusive distributers of Omsa socks
- exclusive distributers of Sisi socks
- exclusive distributers of Philippe Matignon socks

Underwear wholesale:

- exclusive distributers of Lormar, Sielei and Leilieve underwear
- wholesale of Infiore underwear
- wholesale of Aris underwear
- wholesale of Solievo underwear
- wholesale of Papilon underwear
- wholesale of Lily underwear
- wholesale of Lepel underwear
- wholesale of Gios underwear
- wholesale of Selena underwear
- wholesale of Bellisima underwear
- wholesale of Gasolino underwear
- wholesale of Emy underwear
- wholesale of Wanted underwear
- wholesale of Navigare underwear
- wholesale of Egi underwear
- wholesale of Jadea underwear
- wholesale of Intimidea underwear
- wholesale of Rossoporpora underwear
- wholesale of Andra underwear

Wholesale of bathing suits:

- exclusive distributers of Amarea  Missmarea
- wholesale of Linea sprint bathing suits
- wholesale of Lormar bathing suits
- wholesale of Sielei bathing suits
- wholesale of Lilly bathing suits
- wholesale of Scuba bathing suits
- wholesale of Nautika bathing suits
- wholesale of Navigare bathing suits

Wholesale of pajamas:

- wholesale of Lormar pajamas
- wholesale of Infiore pajamas
- wholesale of Navigare pajamas

Beach towel wholesale

Contact information:

Address: YBC Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10 D/II jug np 21, Belgrade
Phone: 011 213 05 35
Phone: 011 311 02 54
Phone: 011 314 97 35
E-mail: tamara_doo@yahoo.com
Website: http://tamara.co.rs

Working hours
- Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM
-Saturdays 9AM – 5PM