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Address: 10 Mije Kovacevica st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 011/2754-172, 011/2764-882, 011/329-3768

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Youth Sports Association of Belgrade currently has eight sections in his blue - white family. OSD consists of football, basketball, handball, judo, chess, tennis, athletics and cycling club. Earlier there were great hockey, men's handball and wrestling sections. OSD was founded 03.25.1945, and the company currently has about 3,000 members.

History of the Youth Stadium

Youth stadium is located in Belgrade, Stara Karaburma, right next to the Seminary, next to the river Danube and Zvezdara forest, and from the stadium is the closest major center of Belgrade. Our stadium, sports facilities of all Belgrade, was officially opened on 10 August 1957, a match between the Workers and Spartak.

Youth stadium arena today for more branches of sports, or how it in foreign countries officially says - multi use facility. Dimensions grass mats are 105 x 70 meters, in addition to players, the stadium used daily athletics, judo, cycling, tennis, and handball and basketball sometimes sections of the Youth Sports Association in Belgrade. This sports center, a total of approximately 81 500 square meters!

The current capacity is, after installation of plastic seats for about 19 000 spectators, with 10 600 set of chairs.

Youth Sports Association of Belgrade
Phone: 011 / 364-0858
Address: Kralja Milana 27
Other locations:
Mijo Kovacevic 10, Belgrade, Palilula
Phone: 011 / 329-3768; 011 / 2754-172; 011 / 2764-882