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Stamp-engravers, engravers Belgrade
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Seal carving shop "Express" originated way back in 1972, as a small workshop that produced seals and printing presses for offset printing, specializing in invitations, calling cards and other graphical products.

To this day we are still located in a colorful trade center "Gradic Pejton" in Vracar, in the heart of Cubura.

This small collective stepped up to the challenge and introduced the latest technology, including lasers.

This is how we founded a new company "Apis Laser" so that we could respond to the demands of the market with increasingly more demanding requests as well as developing and perfecting these latest technologies.

Apis laser offers the following services:
- Seal production
- Engraving
- Making signs
- Printing calling cards
- Printing memos
- Gold inlay
- Dry stamp
- Crilite keychains
- EVA foam keychains
- Stands, holders, containers for keys or jewelry
- Making jewelry with any desired design.

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