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Working hours

Monday 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 09:00 - 13:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 24, 83, E1
  • Trolley: 19 21, 22, 29

Additional Locations

Discounts this month:
 - for colonoscopy 7000 
- for gastroscopy  5000 
- for surgical interventions with local anesthesia / lymphoma, atheroma, in-grown hairs, bunions, callus /6000rsd


Djukic specialist office is located in one of the most elite parts of Belgrade at 19 Patrijarha Varnave street in Svetosavski plateau. It operates in a newly constructed space of 120 square meters.

It is equipped with the latest modern diagnostics equipment for treating patients. We are registered in providing help in the area of general and vascular surgery for all branches of internal medicine and gynecology.

The owner of the specialist office is prof. dr. Veljko Djukic, regular professor at the Medical university in Belgrade. He is a specialist at the General and Vascular surgery. He specialized in general surgery in Belgrade at the I Surgical clinic and Vascular in London, Prague and Moscow. He spent his entire career working as a surgeon. In the university he taught not only medical students but also graduates and doctors in specialization. He was invited as professor to several European universities, is a member of Medical Academy of the Serbian doctors’ association and a regular member of the Royal Academy of scientists and artists.

He shared much of his rich clinical experience to the younger colleagues not only in the clinic but also around Serbia and the Republic of Serbia where he founded wards for vascular surgery. He contributed to the vein and artery surgery development which is why he was visited by patients from outside our country. As a great humanist he helped patients who were in need of treatments outside his clinic through his authority.

In addition to our regular staff we also work with renown names in Serbian medicine as associates for various areas such as:

Prof dr Branislav Talic, Urologist, one of our most famous urologists

Prof dr Dragoslav Dragojevic , Endocrinologist former head of the endocrinology clinic in VMA Belgrade

Prtof dr Slobodan Cikaric, Oncologist and radiologist from the institute for Oncology and Radiology in Belgrade.

Prof dr Nikola Milicevic, Orthopedist who also worked as the director of the Traumatology and Orthopedics clinic in Sarajevo.

Prof dr Vesna Bosnjak one of our most famous pulmonologists

Msci dr Nikola Djukic Gastroenterologist, the chief of endoscopy service at KBC Zemun

Prim dr Rajko Popovic rheumatologist at VMA

Prim dr Sci Zorana Djakovic, dermatologist at VMA

Dr. Katarina Djukic dermatologist at KBC Serbia

Prim dr Vladimir Spica surgeon and surgery warden at KBC Zemun

Dr Maja Filipovic, Dedinje Institute cardiologist

Dr Bojan Iulisic KBC Zemun cardiologist

Dr Aleksandar Aleksic, KBC Zemun cardiologist

Dr Sonja Djurovic, KBC Zvezdara gynecologist

Dr. Branka Ivanovic Susic, anesthesiologist at KBC Zemun

Dr. Momcilo Stankovic, Banjica hospital

Dr. Andrej Grubor otolaryngologist at KBC Zemun

Dr Slobodean Stefanovic, anesthesiologist at KBC Bezanijska kosa

In addition to standard examinations, the diagnostic procedures that we offer at the specialist office include hemorrhoid anoscopy with sclerosing if needed.

Gastroscopy with a biopsy for pH analysis. Colonoscopy with polipectomy, rectoscopy, costoscopy with biopsy, all laboratory testing.

Ultrasound examinations are done using the latest ultrasound apparatus 4D with all the needed probes such as ultrasound of the heart, artery, veins on legs, neck, abdomen, soft tissue, thyroid gland, breasts, joints, muscles, gynecological ultrasound and others.

Surgical interventions we offer include vein, hemorrhoid, skin and soft tissue tumor (such as breast tumors, ateroma, lymphoma, beauty marks of all kinds) surgery. Specialist office has a surgery hall fully equipped for the abovementioned interventions. For individual interventions we utilize lasers, especially skin capillaries. Injection sclerosing injection for hemorrhoids and varicose veins.. We remove ingrown nails, blain and carbuncle.

The specialist office also offers infusion therapy, we take blood samples for laboratory analysis and injections. Per request we also offer home visits.


01. PROFESSOR EXAMINATION          5000,00
02. SPECIALIST EXAMINATION          4000,00
04. HEART ULTRASOUND                  3500,00
05. EKG                                           500,00
06. CONTROL CHECKUP                    2500,00
08. BANDAGING                               1000,00    
09. GASTROSCOPY                           8000,00
10. GASTROSCOPY + HP ECAM        10500,00    
11. COLONOSCOPY                         12000,00
12. ANOSCOPY                               5000,00
15. HOLTER EKG                            4000,00
16. COLOSCOPY                            2000,00    
18. VEIN SURGERY                      115000,00
19. HOME VISITS                        10500,00    
20. WOUND PROCESSING            5000,00
21. I.M.INJECTION                     1000,00
22. I.V.INJECTION                      2000,00
23. I.V.INFUSION                       2000,00
24. M. IMPLANTS                        4500,00
25. V IMPLANTS                         9000,00
26. REMOVING IMPLANTS            7000,00
27. ANESTEZIJA                        5000,00
28. SWABS                                500,00
29. COLONOSOPY + anesthesia 17000,00
30. GASTROSCOPY + anesthesia 13000,00
31. Laser skin tumor removal      5000,00