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The main activity of our “Topiz” company is producing heat bodies, heat transporting and steam heaters, freon condensators and evaporators for cooling devices. Our years of tradition and successful work, dating back to 1994 as well as our product quality and innovation and our professional relationship to our customers have made us an influential business partner in our national and international market.

In addition to a large number of buildings in Serbia, our products have found a place in industrial plants in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Austria, Germany and other countries. Our team currently includes 18 educated professionals and experts with years of experience in the domain of industrial heating and cooling.

Company “Topiz” has a successful quality control system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards, proven by a certificate issued by the UDEM BALKANS international institution. Our company is also the proud holder of the SME Excellent Serbia certificate in the domain of small and medium companies awarded to us by the Industrial chamber of Serbia and the COFACE agency.

Our Topiz Belgrade production program includes:
- Heat changers
- Heaters
- Evaporators
- Condensers
- Solar system coolers
- Floor convector alternators

Heat changers allow for highly efficient heat exchange whether it’s for cooling or heating. Our heat changers come in different sizes determined by your project needs and demands. We proudly state that Topiz heat exchangers have been tested and certified by the Vinca Institute for Nuclear sciences and thermotechnics lab.

Our offer includes various types of heat exchangers: canal heaters/coolers, exchangers for air-conditioner chambers, exchangers for floor convectors, exchangers as coolers for solar collector to prevent the solar system from stagnating, dryer heaters, industrial air curtains and others.

Heaters TOP KFW with Cu-Al heat exchangers and an axial ventilator have a broad application when it comes to ventilation, heating and cooling industrial halls, warehouses, chicken farms, workshops, hangers, stores etc. In addition to the TOP KFW heaters, our production program also includes TOP AGRO models for heating farms, TOP SAT suitable for glasshouse heating and TOP MOBIL, a transportable heater ideal for objects in construction.

In addition to high gain, the Topiz heaters are known for their light construction, low noise emission and simple maintenance. Heat can be transmitted via hot or warm water or steam, while the heating medium is fresh, current or mixed fresh and current air. We also have a huge selection of accompanying equipment for your heaters such as filters, console bearings, mixture sections, anti-rain shutters, fan oscillation regulators, thermostats etc.

With their compact construction and modern design, the evaporators are most commonly used in freon systems, cooling chambers where the temperature ranges between -25°C to +5°C. They are made out of copper pipes with 14mm diameter and aluminium cords. They are available with different numbers of cords. Our evaporators are recognizable for their high degree of usage and reliability.

Our Topiz company is proud of its successful cooperation with a large number of renown companies, especially:

-Mercedes Benz, Düsseldorf
-Calzedonia, Subotica
-Metro Cash & Carry, Beograd
-Hotel Sheraton, Novi Sad
-Usce Shopping Center, Beograd
-Merkator, Beograd
-Carlsberg, Celarevo
-Radio-television Serbia, Beograd
-Airport Nikola Tesla, Beograd
-Bambi, Pozarevac
-Swisslion, Takovo
-Hemofarm, Vrsac
-Coopertires, Krusevac
-Military medical academy, Belgrade
-Fashion Park Outlet, Indjija
-Zastava oruzje, Kragujevac
-Frikom, Belgrade
-Tigar Tyres, Pirot
-Clinical center of Serbia
-Mozzart betting house
-Delhaize Serbia
-Societe Generale
-and many others.