Tools and machines Belgrade

Address: 189 Ustanicka st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/347-7766, 347-4925
E-mail: ikt.commerce@sezampro.rs
Website: www.ikt.rs

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I.K.T. Commerce is a company which is present on both the domestic and foreign market since 1990. Since then until today, for full 16 years, we have excellent connections with famous world companies: SOLIDA (Germany), DREBO (Germany), LUDEKE (Germany). TIPSA (Spain), FROLICH - KLUPHEL (Germany). We become famous for our distribution of pneumatic equipment, which include spikes, cutters, shovels, as well as tools (pneumatic hammers). We also distribute equipment for pneumatic tools and installations like hoses (so called Mantex) and outer elements. In our offer we have the complete program of construction drills for concrete, manual and electric working tools (Makita). We also have the complete offer of screw goods. We are here regarding technical support. One of our advantages is that we also deal with supplying services, that is, we deliver the products to your address. - SOLIDA - pneumatic equipment - LUDECKE - pneumatic joints - DREBO - construction drills - TIPSA - hoses for air, water... - CUTTING TOOLS - EXPANDABLE MATERIAL IN CONSTRUCTION AND MACHINERY