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Address: 58 Ljeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/3557-160, 063/276-956
E-mail: office@turbina-group.com
Website: www.turbina-group.com

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Turbine Company was founded in 1990 and has been successfully dealing with the production, sale, installation service and maintenance of large power plants. 30 years experience in the business guarantees you the quality and reliability that we offer for our products and services. Production of all types and sizes of generators of 5 KVA to 1000 KVA. - Delivery of aggregates, parts and service, "Torpedo", "Koncar", "Uljanik" and newer types of aggregates, "Honda, Mitsubishi, - official representatives of the Company are "Emsa Generators, "which offers a wide range of power generators in the open and closed versions, stable and portable (the trailer). - We have a large number of spare Part VI for all types of aggregates. - In service, we perform the installation of generators at the facility as well as connecting with consumers and commissioning. - Upon request we can also produce thermal and sound-insulated boxes for the sets. - We are producing energy distribution cabinets and automation on demand, and electrical performance. - We make voltage regulators, the motives for all types of generators.