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“Prevodilica” offers the services of translators and court interpreters.

Translation agency seated in Belgrade, but with thoughts that roam around the world.

It doesn’t matter where you are located, if you are experiencing any kind of language dilemma – you are at the right place (both in the virtual sense and in reality).

The services of our translation agency “Prevodilica” are available to all because we deliver to all the addresses in Serbia.

“Prevodilica” is an idea, concept and utopia where people understand each other no matter what language they speak. At Prevodilica, language is not a barrier, limit or chasm – language is a bridge, bond and connection. Language as means of communication and correct translation as the key to good, quality and successful understanding.

We are a translation agency that understands the needs of our clients and we do our best to meet them. A translation agency which promises dedication, precision and accuracy in our translation services.

“Prevodilica”, can, will and knows how to organize any kind of service relating to LANGUAGE – yours, theirs or ours...because we understand each other.