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Belgrade Phone: 011/250-8934, 063/334-921

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Court interpreter for English, a law degree and passed the bar exam, with years of experience on both sides of translation certified by various types of documents as well as documents from the following areas: law, economics, medicine, various art ...

Through the Agency Radic can get mutual translations, with or without certification of court interpreters,
in addition to the English language, with the following language:
German, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Lithuanian

Literary translations into Serbian language: My Family and Other Animals - My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell, published by Futura Publications, Novi Sad, 2002., And co-translator of the Oxford Illustrated Children's Encyclopedia, published by Mono & Manana, Belgrade , 2003., and Family in the wilderness (the Wilderness Family) author Kobe Krieger, issued by the agency Bojana Radic - 2010th

Extensive experience of oral and written translation of the producing work for foreign media (newspapers, TV, radio, agencies) from Great Britain, Japan, Sweden, Finland, USA and so on.
Working space is in our office at Ban hill, sports center, near the swimming pool on Košutnjaku and bright, and if necessary, out of the office, for example. married to foreign nationals.