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Do you need a certified court interpreter for French language?

You’re in the right place!

Court interpreter – French

For business meetings, testimonials, diplomas, medical documents, authority certificates, birth certificates, financial reports, law suits, court records, rulings and tender documentation, our agency Worldwide Translations offers the services of our highly qualified professional translators, lectors and redactors, but also interpreters who have pledged their oath at the Ministry of justice to provide court interpreter’s services for French. Professional, swift and accurate translations and affordable prices have made our agency Worldwide Translations a leader in its field for years. Our certified court interpreters for French uphold the high standards of our agency with their professionalism and expertise, which has earned us the trust of many clients to whom we owe our years of success.

French language court interpreter – Belgrade

Seeing how a court interpreter’s presence is vital in state institutions and ministries when signing contracts, performing weddings and in similar occasions, our French language court interpreter at Worldwide Translations is readily available for swift, professional and accurate oral or written translations at very attractive prices. We guarantee for the accuracy of the translation compared to the original with our signature and seal as well as a written statement.


Worldwide Translations is a renowned translation agency with the longest tradition in Serbia. We’ve attained the reputation of a trustworthy, professional and affordable translation agency thanks to our excellent services.

The renowned translators at our agency can also help you by orally translating business meetings, presentations, conferences, seminars or other gatherings, where depending on the situation you can opt for either consecutive or simultaneous translating.


French language belongs to the Romance language group. It originated from the Vulgar Latin language which Romans brought to Gaul after conquering it in 58-51 B.C. In the 18th century it became the diplomatic language and remained that way until the Versailles contract in 1919 when the English joined it. Other than in France, it is also spoken in parts of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and remains the official language in former French colonies.