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You need a certified court interpreter for the German language?
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For a certified translation from German to Serbian or Serbian to German Our translation agency offers impeccably accurate translation:

- Registration of APR
- Agreement
- Excerpt from registers
- Agreement and Power of Attorney
- Confirmation of the account balance at the bank
- Verification of permanent employment
- Medical reports
- Diploma
- Financial Statements
- Residence and work permits
- Technical documentation and certificates (for obtaining certificates)
- Lawsuits, minutes, decisions
- Tender documentation
- Other documents to be submitted to the competent authorities in the country and abroad.

At the invitation of our clients' legal translator for German and attend meetings with government institutions or ministries and completion of various contracts.

Court interpreters for German in Belgrade

The long list of clients of the agency Worldwide Translations are a number of international companies, which proves that during the signing of various agreements necessary court interpreter for German. Belgrade is a city where there is most representations of world famous companies, but also the highest legal institution in the country. Belgrade is also a city in which there is a central agency Worldwide Translations. Pursuant to the above, our court interpreters, ie. interpret the locational were able to get the fastest and easiest way to a particular ministry.

Although Belgrade is a city where you can find all the ministries of the Republic of Serbia, for your purposes outside the capital also have at your disposal the services of our interpreters.



Mihajlo Pupin 6, Belgrade, Serbia

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Worldwide Translations is a reputable translation agency which has the longest tradition in Serbia. We have gained a reputation as one of the most skilled and best translation agency.

Renowned interpreter of our agency can assist you in interpreting business meetings, presentations, conferences, seminars and other meetings, you will, depending on the type of event, choose consecutive or simultaneous translation.

Who needs a court interpreter for the German language?

If an individual wants to nostrified proof of education acquired abroad to marry a foreigner or to go abroad to work, study or living there, it is necessary to have translations of the relevant documents issued by state institutions. Such documents include diplomas and certificates, transcripts, grades, work and residence permits, birth certificates of births, deaths and marriages, different beliefs (of citizenship, that person has not been convicted or under investigation for traffic violations, the residence of marital status), as well as the identification or travel documents. Also, individuals may need to be translated and writings that are not issued by state authorities, such as sales contracts and bank statements.

Legal entities that do business with foreign partners or countries are often essential services of interpreters. Any legally binding document for international business important text must, for credibility, to be accurately translated and made official seal. The most commonly translated various contracts, financial and audit reports, and excerpts from the Business Registers Agency. A very important example of a case where it is necessary to address the court interpreter is an international tender, when translated tender documents. Also, when the company plans to import a product, it is necessary to state agencies to submit an official translation of technical product documentation, for example, pharmaceutical information about drugs or other medications, or technical data required to obtain certificates for a given device, vehicle or machine.

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The German language is the mother tongue of approximately one hundred million people in Europe, and the mother tongue of 13% of Europeans, which makes the language used by most speakers in Europe without Russia, more than the French language (66.5 million speakers) and English (64.2 million speakers). German is the third language by those who teach in schools, others by those who teach in Europe, and the third in the United States (after Spanish and French). German is one of the official languages of the EU, where a third language by those who study it.

Standard German is not derived from a dialect, but it came up by philosophers, poets, and other educated people. In the 16th century, Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, deliberately combining the characteristics of different dialects. He wanted as many people understand the translation.

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