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Do you need a certified court interpreter for German language?

You’re in the right place!

Our translation agency offers you flawlessly accurate certified translations from German to Serbian or vice versa, for the following documents:
- APR registration
- Contracts
- Birth certificates
- Written consent and authorizations
- Bank account balance
- Employment status documentation
- Medical documents
- Diplomas
- Financial reports
- Work and residence permits
- Technical documentations and certificates (for attestation)
- Law suits, court records, rulings
- Tender documentation
- Other documents required by various competent authorities in our country and abroad

Per our clients’ request, our German language court interpreter can attend meetings at state institutions, ministries or contract signings.

German language court interpreters in Belgrade

The long list of clients at Worldwide Translations agency includes various international companies, which proves that a qualified German language court interpreter is of vital importance when signing important contracts and agreements. Belgrade is the city where many global companies and businesses have their representative offices, as well as the center for the highest competent authorities in our country. Belgrade is also where the central offices of Worldwide Translation agency are located. Thanks to our excellent location, our translators and court interpreters are able to reach any institution or ministry in the shortest possible time.

Although Belgrade is the center of all ministries of the Republic of Serbia, per your needs we also provide court interpreter services outside our capitol city.


Usce Business Center

6 Mihajla Pupina boulevard, Belgrade, Serbia

You can find us in an attractive location and our offices are easily reachable from any part of the city.


Worldwide Translations is a renowned translation agency with the longest tradition in Serbia. We’ve attained the reputation of a trustworthy, professional and affordable translation agency thanks to our excellent services.

The renowned translators at our agency can also help you by orally translating business meetings, presentations, conferences, seminars or other gatherings, where depending on the situation you can opt for either consecutive or simultaneous translating.

When do you need a German language court interpreter?

If a citizen would like to nostrify proof of education attained abroad, marry a foreign citizen or travel abroad to work, study or live, it is necessary to have all the pertinent documentation issued by the state professionally translated with a court interpreter’s seal. These documents include: diplomas, grades lists, work and stay permits, birth, death and wedding certificates, various proof certificates (of citizenship, lack of criminal records, traffic violations, residence, marital status) as well as identification and travelling documentation. Similarly, citizens may need to translate other documents not issued by the state, such as purchase and sales documentations or bank reports.

Legal entities who work with foreign business partners or countries often require court interpreters’ services. Every legally-binding document as well as documentation required for any international transaction must be precisely translated with a court interpreter’s seal. Most commonly these documents include various contracts, finance and revision reports, and excerpts from the trade registry Agency. A very important instance when a court interpreter’s services are vital is when translating tender documentation. Also, when a company is planning to import a certain product, it must submit a translated copy of all technical documentation and specifications to the pertinent state authorities. For example, in case of pharmaceutical companies looking to import a new medicine or other products, or in case of obtaining attestation for a device, vehicle or machine.

If you need certified translations, just call Worldwide Translations.


The German language is the native language of around 100 million people in Europe. In other words, over 13% of Europeans are native German speakers, which makes German the most commonly used language in Europe except for Russian. It has more native speakers than French (which has around 66,5 million speakers) and English (which has around 64.2 million). German is the third most commonly taught language in schools, second in Europe and third in the USA (after Spanish and French). German is one of the official languages of EU, where it is the third most taught language.

Standard German language didn’t originate from a dialect, it was thought up by philosophers, poets and other educated individuals. In the 16th century, Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, deliberately bringing together characteristics of various dialects. He wanted as many people as possible to understand the translation.