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Tourist agency “Dream Land” is located at 15 Kralja Milana street in Vracar, Belgrade. Our biggest success is to give you your dream vacations and hear all the positive impressions you come back with. Our greatest pleasure is to intermediate between our clients and their dream locations, whether it’s a summer vacation, a New Year’s celebration or a visit to a tourist destination. Tourist agency “Dream Land” continues to provide the most comfortable travels at best prices for our clients.

What we primarily deal in are tourist arrangements within our country and abroad, as well as Congress tourism. Thanks to our excellent cooperation with renowned names in tourism since day one, we have managed to built a good reputation for ourselves and become known as a trusted agency. The goal of our work and our main focus is to provide you with the best services of transport and accommodations in our country and abroad.

We focus exclusively on the needs, demands and wishes of our esteemed travelers and tailor our business policy to suit them. Your pleasure with our services and the decision to work with us again in the future are our best recommendation and what makes us feel successful in our work.

We also work in selling airplane tickets to destinations around the world, providing rent-a-car services, organizing group travels as well as Congress tourism. We supply affordable airplane tickets to your desired destinations for summer or winter vacations or tourist trips lasting several days.

The travelers we’ve worked with so far always came back claiming we are very reliable, efficient and that we have justified their trust with our services.


Tourist agency “Dream Land” invites you this summer to go vacationing with us in the beaches of Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus and other countries.

Summer vacations in our country per your choice with engaging our agency for transportation and accommodations will always go in perfect order to our mutual satisfaction.

Our most popular and sought after destinations for summer vacations such as the Greek islands Zakynthos, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Kos, Thasos are available to you through our agency.

A huge number of luxurious hotels and apartments throughout Khalkidhiki in Greece at very affordable prices are also available this summer. Whether you opt for individual or group travels, bus transportation or you’d like cheap airplane tickets, tourist agency “Dream Land” will meet your requests.

Emerald, clean sea, sandy beaches, hot summer days and good nightlife await you if you decide to vacation in Greece or Turkey through our “Dream Land” agency.

Make your summer vacation unforgettable.


Winter vacationing in most attractive destinations in Europe and skiing in the best skiing resorts of Austria, France, Italy, Bulgaria or Slovenia are there for you through our tourist agency “Dream Land”.

Beautiful mountainous regions, highest quality skiing tracks and friendly hosts who are always happy to welcome our travelers at their hotels are only some of many reasons why you should go winter vacationing with our agency “Dream Land”.

The group travels that we organize will allow you to make new friendships, or perhaps meet your true love and certainly spend quality time in good company. We also offer highly affordable airplane tickets to all the above-mentioned destinations.

In addition to our offer for winter vacationing in other countries, what we would like to especially highlight are our accommodation options in skiing centers throughout Serbia. Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Stara Planina and other destinations which offer their visitors unforgettable times and enjoyment in the beauty of nature, fresh air, delicious food and excellent skiing tracks.

The hospitality of hotel owners, excellent services and unique experiences are all part of the traditional attractions that await you in skiing resorts throughout our country.


Throughout the year we take you on tours of most beautiful cities of Europe.

Join us and discover the beauties of golden Prague, Vienna, the “queen of Danube” Budapest, magnificent Barcelona, Venice, the imperial Istanbul and many other cities in a unique and interesting way.

The plan and program of the trips are adjusted to the needs of the travelers to secure the highest level of comfort and relaxation during their trip and stay in cities around Europe. Capitols of all major countries in our region are within your reach and invite you to learn about their beauties and attractions.

Whether you opt for a trip in the summer, winter, fall or spring period or for New Years, we are sure you’ll find something ideal for you in our vast offer of destinations and love every moment you spend there.

By travelling with “Dream Land” tourist agency, you will safely and comfortably arrive to any city throughout Europe within the designated time.

Congress tourism, group travels and affordable airplane tickets await you at our tourist agency.

The house of good travelling – “Dream Land”


DREAM LAND TRAVEL AGENCY Travel agencies Beograd
DREAM LAND TRAVEL AGENCY Travel agencies Beograd
DREAM LAND TRAVEL AGENCY Travel agencies Beograd