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Belgrade Phone: 011/7433-908, 065/244-2568

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Repair and service of LED, LCD monitors in Belgrade at our service shop DC Elektronik Plus

TV service DC ELEKTRONIK PLUS specializes in the repair of all types of electronic appliances for wide use. Thanks to our years of experience you can rely on us, and we guarantee that we will in the shortest possible time troubleshoot and solve any problem with your device.

TV Service DC ELEKTRONIK PLUS specializes in the repair of all types of TVs newer and older generations. Any problem that you have with your TV, our expert and professional team of craftsmen coming to meet you and offers a free preview of the device.

That can be done by us are:

- Repairs of TVs
- Edits and servicing of LED, LCD devices
- Repair of audio-video appliances
- Servicing computer
- Servicing laptops
- Remote Control for all types of TVs

Today the television occupies a central place in every home and modern life can hardly be imagined without this device. Therefore, when it stops working, it creates a big problem. Knowing how important television as a medium for relaxation and entertainment, TV service DC ELEKTRONIK PLUS offers a fast, reliable and efficient removal of all types of faults.

Repair of TVs in our service is carried out using the latest tools, which allows us to properly and professionally remove all kinds of failures, and all warranty work. Our team of craftsmen will as soon as possible to answer your call and arrival at the address is free. Also, service TV DC ELEKTRONIK PLUS practiced fieldwork.

Top quality service and professionalism they recommended us a large number of clients with whom we have achieved successful cooperation. Be one of the many of our satisfied clients.

Working time:
Monday - Friday: 9h-19h
Saturday: 9h-15h

Rableova 17, Zemun, Belgrade.