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Address: 27l Blagoja Parovica st., Banovo brdo // Cara Urosa 37, Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/3572-704 // 011/2626-323

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VETHOUSE clinic for pets
Services: * PREVENTION * DIAGNOSIS - X-ray - Ultrasound - laboratory - ECG * THERAPY * SURGERY AND ORTHOPAEDICS * DENTISTRY * In-patient treatment * HAIRCUT AND ADVENTURE SHOW * FIELD SERVICES * Emergency Service 0-24
Veterinary Clinic Vethouse started working in 2010 and soon provided full-service large numbers of pets. It was founded with the aim to enhance existing, high quality veterinary service, primarily to Banovo Brdo, and then in all Belgrade. With the use of many diagnostic methods, quality equipment and space, as well as professional staff clinic meets all required standards. We strive to provide our patients the best possible service, using a modern approach to treating pets.
In addition to dogs, cats, small animals and birds, veterinary clinic Vethouse health care for the increasing number of exotic animals, snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Therefore, when you choose a vet for your pet, choose the best and let Vethouse be proud to be the finalists. Your team Vethouse