Veterinary clinics, veterinarians Belgrade

Address: 44 Zarkovacka st., store 2, Banovo Brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/3572-477, 063/458-427

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Veterinary Clinic Gvozdenovic, is located on Banovo Brdo, just below the pool Košutnjak, and near the primary school Milos Crnjanski . Gvozdenović Veterinary Clinic is located in beautiful plateaus, between Petra Lekovića and Mire Popare Street. Entrance for the plateau is upstairs, available from two streets, Petra Lekovica and Zarkovacka street. The Gvozdenovic vet - you can get the following services:

• Internal veterinary medicine (examinations, diagnosis, treatment, advice)

• Surgery (soft tissue, cesarean section, sterilization, cancer surgery, castration, etc. ...)

• Dentistry (oral examination, tooth extraction, removal of tartar ultrasound machine, polishing, etc. ..)

• orthopedics

• Dermatology (taking a swab, scarified, allergy testing, treatment, etc ...)

• ultrasound (pregnancy, liver, kidneys, bladder, etc. ....)

• immunoprophylaxis (vaccination against distemper, parvo, adeno, lepto and rabies)

• Laboratory (in collaboration with Vetlab laboratory, blood count, biochemistry, females fertile days, etc ...)

• dose of antihelmintic treatment (treatment against parasites)

Also, at the vet Gvozdenović you can get medical supplies and food for your pets: Royal Canin, Eukanuba, as well as a wide range of products against ecto and endo parasites (ticks, fleas, Pavas, cylindrical worms ...) BAYER, FRONT LINE, Virbac and others. Behind us are more than 20 years experience in the treatment of pets. Give us your trust, call and visit us! In our clinic will always welcome you with friendly and professional staff! Gvozdenovic Lune.