IMPERIA GOLD Wedding planning Belgrade


Wedding planning Belgrade
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Open on Sundays Free WiFi Wheelchair accessible Parking

Before we started building our “IMPERIE GOLD” success, we had a clear vision of what we wanted it to be.

We wanted a different look and high quality design in marble, wrought iron and crystal.

We especially paid attention to interior design.

We did our best to combine the coordination of colors, expensive and high quality furniture combined with new shapes to give IMPERIA GOLD its unique and recognizable appearance.

We are convinced that our customers will recognize our quality.

Formal hall

- Modern space
- Technical equipment
- Easy interior transformation
- Round decorated tables
- Covers and bows for chairs
- Professional LED lighting
- Champagne fountain
- Air-conditioned space
- Big free parking lot
And much more...

Professional and kind staff is at your disposal throughout the duration of your important event.

We will do our best to put all our services at your disposal and meet your every request.

The goal of our work is for you to make beautiful memories from your wedding that you’ll always be happy to recall.


Our formal hall IMPERIA GOLD has 550 seats for all your celebrations.


Our excellent quality menu (Kod Kala), menu prices starting at 18eur.

Newlyweds’ apartment 

Beautiful and pleasant newlyweds’ apartment ideal for short breaks and refreshments during the celebration.

2 apartments

In addition to the newlyweds’ apartment, the hall also offers 2 guest apartments for overnight stays.

Band engagement

Describe to us your taste in music. We know tested professionals and won’t let you down.


Professional decoraters will fulfill your every wish and give you a fairy-tale celebration.


Methods of payment

Cards Cheque Through an administrative ban / installment