Weighing-machines Belgrade

Address: 102 Cara Dusana st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2199-383, 063/203-971
E-mail: tufco@beotel.rs
Website: www.tufco.rs

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Tuff Co.. the companies manufacturing and engineering in the field of automatic control and electronic scales. We started 12.05.1992. years with previous extensive experience at the Institute Mihajlo Pupin. We are proud to collaborate, over 300 companies in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Republic of Serbian and Ukrainian. Products: - Measuring device for electronic scales - Digital Scales - Controller automatic scales - Measuring device for electronic scales - low-profile, electronic scale - Pallet Scales - Hanging carcass weighing - Belt Scales / Dispenser - Stella (wall electronic scale) - Pela (platform electronic scale) - weighbridge