Youth collectives Belgrade

Address: 5/XIII Masarikova st
Belgrade Phone: 011/3061-325, 3061-326, 3061-327, 36-12-656(fax), 064/61-44-032

4/ 5stars

YOUTH ASSOCIATION TIM, is located on the very top of youth and student associations. Until now, through the association passed over 30.000 youths. We cooperate with 350 companies with different fields of expertise. Many youths who have worked on temporary and part time jobs have gotten a permanent employment. A team that will inform you and help you is always at your service. We offer the employers the best and cheapest solution according to law. We can offer you a large number of workers for conducting temporary, occasional and season jobs from all structures and occupations. Workers are expertly trained, conscientious and responsible to conduct all tasks. To future members we offer all job types. Daily, weekly and jobs that can last several days or filling in for a absent worker. Through the agency you can have complete legal protection during job duration, and unemployed persons will have the job duration time calculated into their pension insurance time. Our recommendations are speed, quality, efficiency and professionalism. BECOME A PART OF THE TIM.