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Address: 14 Milana Jovanovica st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 065/478-6648

4/ 5stars

Cafe bar Gore dole is located in Zarkovo in the street parallel to the Trgovacka street across the street from Maxi. Tucked away between the buildings and the only cafe on that side of the building where the sun sets on the other side past 1PM, this place is special and attractive to those who'd like a place to enjoy some privacy. Tucked away between the buildings it is ideal for the morning coffee, afternoon break or evening gathering with friends.

At our establishment we have pleasant and homey atmosphere which makes you feel at home.

If you are sitting on your own and you miss your friends, you can make new friends and business partners with us because the soul of our establishment are precisely our guests, friends of our house without whom this place wouldn't have a story.

At our cafe we are always following sporting events together, including world and European championships in football, basketball, waterpolo, volleyball, tennis and the best club footbal every weekend such as Premier League, Primera, Pundes league, Series A, League 1, Europe League and of course Champion's League.

In addition to various coffee, squeezed juices and other refreshements, we offer a huge selection of domestic and international beer, best home-brewed wine and of course PLUS SIZED beers.

Intimate atmosphere, tucked away far from the crowd, comfy furniture, large selection of beer, rakia and wines, great coffee, homey atmosphere...the only thing we're missing right you.

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