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Address: 115/II Bulevar Zorana Djindjica st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3119-578, 063/272-057

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Company TP-LUX STYLE LLC was founded in 2004, based in Dr.Zoran Djindjic boulevard at number 115. Main activity is wholesale and retail sale of building materials, and prevailing assortment includes all types of aluminum and PVC profiles for different purposes in interior design. We have several different programs:

1. Our program consists of Aluminium and PVC skirting boards for all types of interior and exterior stairs and walkways.

We have the largest and finest assortment of so-called "concealed" from broadcast protection profiles, which are installed at the same time step when the sets and covering steps such as: wood paneling, ceramic, granite, carpet, carpet or any other). I "nadgradnih" profile with a broadcast protection, which is subsequently placed on the already completed stairs and walkways).

2. Aluminium and PVC skirting boards for all types of flooring (parquet, laminates, carpets, ceramics, granite ...).

From this range we offer the largest range of so-called. "Intermediate-diletation" of aluminum and PVC skirting, and how to cross the floor coverings are the same and also the floors of various caps levels. We also have a large selection of "Final" and "protective" profiles.

3. Program of aluminum and PVC moldings for all types of wall coverings.

We offer a large selection of aluminum and PVC moldings for curved inner and outer edges of vertical walls, then several types of plinth-moldings made of aluminum or PVC, with and without a hidden set of channels for various cables, and various dimensions of the so-called. L profiles for different purposes.

4. Program of aluminum and plastic molding equipment and making kitchen cabinets and closets of American and diht molding to produce worktops, diht molding for tubs and sinks, and more.

If you want your business or residential interior space to look completely finished with a discreet and exclusive note of the details, you will certainly achieve this by installing strips of our offer in silver and gold for aluminum and PVC in all primary colors and colors of wood and decor of all kinds of imitation marble.

In addition to the constant supply these products and a reliable stock of all kinds that are on our palette, by selecting one of our products you have chosen a truly reliable and responsible supplier of the same, as is a good recommendation is one of the most important ways we find and retain a significant place in the market these products.

In addition we have a very wide range of products, we try to post every fair construction and furniture fair in the country and abroad, we introduce some innovation by another so that our offer was in line with global fashion trends in interior design.

* Transitional
* The final strip
* Kant strip
* Handle
* Rail
* Diht strip
* PVC trim
* Facade trim
* Following the program