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We introduce to you superb ecological products from the leading world manufacturer Sannitree, that biotechnology today can offer: Bacteria and enzymes for waste and waste waters. Numark can offer you a wide selection of aggressive, lyophilized, bacteria and enzymes, which after reactivating retrogress suspended firm waste and organic fouling and prevent creating of unpleasant odors. That is the main problem of organic waste material retrogression. All you have to do is add water. From the source of the unpleasant odors, to problems in the work of the waste water cleaning plant - from problems with septic pits or outside toilets, to problems with very polluted waste waters (from wineries, dairy plants, slaughter houses, farms, fruit and vegetable processing plants) - Our bacteria will eat your problem. Our products are very concentrated, very efficient and represent a very economic way for the retrogression of your organic waste. Our bacteria will cope with very different types and concentrations of pollution, and work in almost all waste systems: from aeration plants, over anaerobic digester, grease traps, retrogression of confiscates, to home sewer installations and skeptical pits. Our bio-enzymes retrogress waste faster and safer from any other product on the market, and represent a ecologic means with absolutely harmless effect on the surrounding. If our offer doesn't include the solution to your specific problem, please contact us so that we could together find the bacteria suitable for you.