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Center for Education as the most dynamic part of the institution Duro Salaj, trained many students to different skills and knowledge through informal means of education. We present a successful balance of tradition and modern trends. Our primary goal is to promote education and creativity, and raising the quality of life. Over half a century successfully respond to the challenges that we put the needs of students. Run more than fifty educational programs for students of all structures and ages, from preschool age to third age. Our team is here to, interact with creative ideas, answers to all your educational needs, whether it is education that aims at re-training, additional training - in order to change, promotion or finding a new job, and quality free time ... Our advantage is: - Attractive location on the Slavija - A large number of Cabinet for practice - Excellent teachers - Quality - a large number of students coming to us by recommendation - A method of individual approach to each student - Work in small groups - Over half a century of experience - A combination of tradition and modern - A variety of programming - Good price / monthly payments in more - We are open to new ideas PROGRAM OFFERS: • Authorized school of massage by Pedja Filipovic - Professional • Professional courses for health care and beauty * Stylist male and female hairstyles * Beautician - esthetician * Makeup artist * Pedicure - Manicure • Vocational training for administrative occupations * Executive Assistant * Prepare for Class * The examination for the class * Training of professional blind and fast typing on a computer • TRIZ - a practical method of systematic innovation (For children, scholars and adults) * Small school creativity * Creative Serbian - English School • Training courses for training accountants • School for vocational training * Mechanical engineering (fitters, machine machinist, lathe, metal Glodač ...) * Civil engineering (split, house painter - painter, ceramist ..) * Electro (electro, electrician, an electrical machine ...) * Trade waist (the seller of food goods, the seller of building materials and fuel ...) * Textile waist (men's and women's tailored clothing ...) * Food waist (waiter, cook, tapster drinks ...) * Auto professions (car mechanic, electrician, tire ...) * Domestic handling (forklift driver, kranista ...) * Maintenance of household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines ...) and more ... * Assistant PR * Gardener * Engineer - florist • Business School Computer • University of the Third Age - Educational programs targeting the elderly * Foreign languages * Computers * Drawing and Painting * Yoga * Dance * Applied Arts * Tours and Travel ... • Art School (For children and adults) * Drama Studio Arlekino * Studio Classical ballet Pirueta * Studio of dance Totem * Record Label (piano, guitar, solo singing, fa) * Art Studio (visual kindergarten, art studio, a school of drawing and painting) * Studio of Applied Arts (sculpture and ceramics, silk painting workshop, painting icons, mosaic calligraphy, comic, weaving) • Preparatory courses for high schools and colleges • The school social skills • Programmes for Leisure * Cutting and sewing * Knitting * Yoga * School of Astrology REFERENCES: * Ministry of Education * Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (''Beautiful Serbia project'', funded by the embassies of Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain) * The National Employment Service Belgrade (''Beautiful Serbia project'', funded by the embassies of Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain) * Secretariat of Education of the City of Belgrade (project "solve the problem? - It's easy if you know know!''The development of creative thinking and learning problem-solving''the application of innovative technologies solving tasks (TRIZ)'') * Secretariat of Culture of the City of Belgrade (Program''Culture of Speech and Drama creative expression'') * Secretary of Sports and Youth - "Free time for summer school holiday," "Free time for the winter school holidays" * GO Savski Wreath (Education Project''- an affirmation - of Roma Inclusion Sava wreath'') * Department of Education Improvement Belgrade (Program''From Game to the stage - creative drama games'',''The development of creative thinking in the process of learning a foreign language based on an innovative TRIZ methodology'',''Technology innovation task of solving (TRIZ) - high school level'') * Office of the Republic of Serbian market (Computer training and business training for secretaries) * Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade * Adult Education Association Belgrade * Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade * Clinical Center of Serbia * Institute of Rheumatology Belgrade * JP Serbian forests'''' * JP PK Kosovo Obilic * Red Cross of Serbia * GP''Next''AD (Training of 70 workers in civil engineering) * Factory Metal Products - FMP Beograd *''''Garden Center Belgrade * Integra Partner Belgrade (The project "Training and working practices" which was funded by the EU, the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by local NGO Integra from Belgrade) *''Help''the Danish people - DPA (Training in hair styling and cutting) * GOPA Worldwide Consultants Germany * PUC''Belgrade water supply and sanitation'' * The Association of Veterans of the war since 1990. Belgrade City (Training for hairdressers, masseurs, beauticians - esthetician, accountant, pedicure - manicure) * CARE International - Yugoslavia * GP Topers''''(training 60 employees in civil engineering) * MINEL - ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION DOO (Vocational training) * Belgrade Heating Plant (Vocational Training) * Department of Veterinary AD Zemun (vocational training) * REIK Kolubara''''Lazarevac (vocational training) * Center for Advanced Training (Project Revolution''learning'') * Draeger company (computer training) We would especially single out that we did a number of projects of the National Employment Service, also one of the largest tenders in Serbia, in connection with education, "Support for the unemployed and human resource development", organized GOPA - European Agency for Reconstruction - Germany, National Employment Employment and the Ministry of Economy. In addition very confidence we said City Department of Youth and Sport, and every school holiday free organize creative programs for school children, co-funded by the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Stari wreath. DISCOUNTS AND BENEFITS: In our center you have the option of paying the higher monthly payments, and there is a discount on the regular price of courses. 10% discount to automatically get all our old students and students who pay the entire value of the course, and for your family members, and we give a family discount. Also, there are special discounts with BENEFITPLUS card. PAYMENT whole amount - 10% OLD STUDENTS - 10% STUDENTS ATTENDING TWO OR MORE COURSES - 10% CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD HOLDERS OF FRIENDS''DURO SALAJ''AD to 20% BENEFITPLUS CARD up to 20% Decision-Flyers - 10% FAMILY MEMBERS - Another member - 10% - The third member - 20%