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Address: 21 Brace Jugovic st.
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Body art studio SINDJEL- studio for permanent and temporary tattoo, piercing and training of future masters. Snezana Dubajic - painter tattoo master and founder of first body art studio. Born in Belgrade in 1958 she is painter for more than 35 years, belongs to school of academic painter Cvetko Lainovic. She exhibit on eight independent and more joint exhibitions-
Very conscious she determined and fight for unity of incompatible directions. With her unique idea she bravely carry picture to human body and in time she became doyen of this alternative art-Uniting her two love, painting and tattoo in 1988 she opened first legal tattoo studio in heart of Belgrade in Skadarlija to everyone-s astonishment. At that time it was city's attraction-
In time when tattoo brand was not even perceived on our climate-Snezana has gone into the world and brought it to us- in time she create art joining different stories of different people with specific technique of personating each separately into picture, into gift that you proudly carry in you and on you-and most important she learn them to know why that picture become part of them and their lives-she managed to transfer master professionalism here- she enabled for young ones to for a moment at least belong to whole world-she turned an old profession into MODERNART without separating from our culture and traditions