Telecommunications Belgrade

Address: 1g Zelengorska st., Novi Beograd, Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3132-113
Fax: 011/2691-262
E-mail: office@enelps.com
Website: www.enelps.com

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1. What problem are we solving?
- Support clients in the area of reliability and availability of the information system.
- Server room in which they were housed computers, communications equipment, servers and storage must be provided quality power supply systems, klimatizacijonim and security systems for the safety and efficiency of business processes. Otherwise, there may be a disruption or disaster information system where the operation of the company can be completely stopped.

2. Whose problem is solved?
- For 18 years. with offices in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina successfully respond to the growing demands of clients in almost every sector of the economy that need protection from the power supply interruption and system failure as well as protection from all kinds of distortions in the power supply. When it comes to theaters Server (Data Centers) provides a complete solution based on the principle'' turnkey''. Services in this area include: counseling, risk assessment, planning and implementation of equipment to post-sales support and service. In 2001 we begin to cooperate with APC by Schneider Electric today with Elite Partner for Data Centre and only authorized service center.
- Telecommunications companies offer the most advanced solutions for power equipment base stations, equipment for video surveillance and monitoring, satellite and cable television.
- Also, we specialize in power solutions for power generation in the fields of energy, industry and renewable energy sources. Our power solutions imlementirana own consumption in substations of large industrial facilities, power plants, hydro and mini-hydro power plants.

3. How relevant is our solution for the market and in what sense are we qualified?
- To make better meet the needs of our customers and offer a complete service in one place, we provide a lot of diversified production and sales structures: UPS systems, air conditioning for data centers, racks and rekovski accessories, security systems, rectifiers, inverters, batteries, aggregates, outdoor cabinets, power stations 20 (10) / 0.4 kV.
- A key link in the chain of our service is that service center technology, personnel and logistics well-developed. Operation of the service center is 24 hours, 365 days a year, with the possibility of response to our service staff to 2h. From a total of 90 employees, 30 employees in the service center.

4. Some of our results and benefits for the customer
- Our business development over the long-term result of the extensive knowledge of power systems and previous experience supporting clients in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Up to now we have done over 100 design solutions for the data center and over 20 solutions for Data Centre and turnkey, installed devices whose total capacity of 25 MW, rectifier systems over 6 MW.
- Thanks to technologically advanced products, professional staff, service centers and manufacturing partnership with our company is a safe location for the sustainability of our clients that is based on their reliable IT infrastructure.

The clients of ENEL PS are telecommunications and energy companies, financial institutions,
public institutions and many others.