Address: 8f Batajnicki drum st., Zemun // 4a Pavla Vujisica st., Altina
Phone: 011/316-57-76, 316-57-73, fax: 316-57-75
E-mail: 7paleta@gmail.com
Website: www.europaleta.rs
HORIZONT KOMERC Tools and machines Belgrade

HORIZONT COMERC D.O.O. Company was founded in 1997. During all these years our area of work was production of euro- palette, as well as other palettes of various dimensions. We do purchase of used palettes in Zemun-Altina, 4a pavla Vujisica Street. In our offer now, we have Bramac roof covers, rotating windows, wood palettes, and we would like to specially mention a machine for production of reinforcement carriers of beams, of the highest quality. We have the capacity for other forms of cooperation with entrepreneurs from the country and abroad. Contact phone numbers: 011/316-57-76 063/216-484