Accumulators Belgrade

Address: 35 Poankerova st., Palilula // 22 Toplice Milana st, Vozdovac // 10 Cuburska st., // 37 Grcica Milenka st., Vracar // nn Zeleznicka st., Varvarin
Belgrade Phone: 011/339-0224, 064/808-9306 // 011/3046-225, 064/8089-344 // 011/3085-759, 064/8089-383 // 011/380-8666, 064/827-8102 // 037/789-200, 064/8379-130

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Car center Euro Guma plus can be found in four locations in Belgrade. Specialized in all kinds of Vehicles, we offer the full assortment of our services at the best prices in the city.

Repairs and maintenance of motor vehicles are the basic activities of our car service. With our knwoledge and years of work and the experience of our expert mechanics we are able to answer all the challenges you set before us.

We aim to perform all our work with accuracy and efficiency for the purpose of good cooperation with our clients, the owners of the vehicles.

Among the services we offer, you can find:
- Tires
- Tire services
- Suitcases and carriers
- Car batteries
- Wheels
- Equipment and cosmetics
- Wipers
- Vehicle repairs
- Computer diagnostics
- Spare parts

Precise computer car diagnostics allows us to determine exactly where's the malfunction with your vehicle. After the problem diagnostics our mechanics repair the vehicle enabling it to work perfectly and be safe in traffic.

We are the best choice for you, if you want high quality and work responsibility. Through constant improvement of our methods and techniques we use, we try to justify your trust.

While working with renown world manufacturers, we became the distributers for original spare parts for all kinds of vehicle. The quality and performances of our spare parts will allow for adequate driving safety and your vehicle's longevity.

Retail 1:
35 Poenkareova street, Belgrade
Phone: 011/339-02-24 064/808-93-06

Retail 2:
Cuburska 10 street, Belgrade
Phone: 011/308-57-59 064/808-93-83

Retail 3:
22 Toplice Milana street, Belgrade
Phone: 011/304-62-25 064/808-93-44

Retail 4:
37 Grcica Milenka street, Belgrade
Phone: 011/380-86-66 064/827-81-02

Retail 5
NN Zeleznicka street, Varvarin
Phones: 037/789-200 064/837-91-30