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If you would like the highest quality PVC and ALU carpentry for your home or business area, “Stolarija Petkovic” is the perfect solution for you. Our company has been working with great success for over 11 years in the activity of setting up windows, doors, roll-up blinds and mosquito nets at highest European standards, which guarantees excellent heat and sound isolation as well as longevity.

We’d especially like to highlight the following in our diverse assortment:
- PVC and ALU windows
- PVC and ALU balcony and front door
- PVC and ALU roll-up blinds
- Mosquito nets
- Office separators made of aluminum
- Blinds and window seals
- Railings

With the desire of offering our clients the highest quality products, Carpentry Petkovic installs five and six chamber PVC profiles produced by the leading European manufacturer, the German company INOUTIC. The main advantages of PVC carpentry include energy efficiency, easy maintenance, solidity and reliability both in low and in high temperatures, attractive design as well as the possibility of various sizes, shapes and methods of opening.

Whether you want to replace your old windows in your home or you are constructing a new object, Carpentry Petkovic has the right solution for your needs. By opting for PVC windows and doors made using Inoutic profiles you get the best possible price to quality ratio. The excellent level of security of the doors and windows we install is guaranteed thanks to the SIEGENIA irons.

What sets ALU carpentry apart from other types of carpentry is the light construction that is very enduring and stable, as well as resistant to any weather conditions, allowing it to last long, provide more light to the rooms, suit any type of construction and all that in various colors and with lots of ease of maintenance.

Carpentry Petkovic is made using ALU profiles by the certified Greek manufacturers ALUMIL, combined with the highest quality irons which guarantee maximum security for your building. Per your wish and request, we can also install ALU carpentry with thermal isolation which significantly saves energy, provides good noise isolation, prevents condensation and moisture accumulation around the windows.

In addition to excellent carpentry, our company Stolarija Petkovic includes a large selection of accompanying equipment for doors and windows such as: roll-up blinds, mosquito nets, window sills, decorative cords in glass and the like.

If you have any questions about which type of carpentry is the best solution for you, our professional team at “Stolarija Petkovic” is there to give all kinds of advice and consulting in order to help you make the right call. If you decide to give us your trust, you can count on our complete services which include:

- Coming to your location for measurements and advice for free
- Removing and taking away old carpentry
- Transporting and setting up new carpentry
- Processing window jambs

Carpentry Petkovic provides many benefits for payments with the goal of making your purchases much easier when it comes to new PVC or ALU carpentry.

Increase the comfort of your residence or work area with the best PVC and ALU carpentry.


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