The home of Afrodita Bialo is located at 45 Main street in Zemun and is listed as a cultural monument. It is a  typical residential-commercial one story building that was constructed around year 1800. It has a basement and was built out of hard material.  It was designed in the style of Ampir with a symmetrical facade which stands at the main driveway entrance in the middle. The beautiful stylistic gate is preserved at the main entrance. House now exemplifies of the most representative samples of wealthy urban houses of their time, fitting in the ambient entirety together with the surrounding houses Zemun. To this day, it has preserved its original purpose, with commercial space on the ground floor, where there is a pastry store, while the extension on the left side over the years has been used as a bank, for shops and finally for shoe and clothing stores today with apartments on the upper floor.

Foto: 011info