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HOME DECOR - From concept to installation. Furnishing business and residential areas. Hotel furniture. Equipping restaurants, bars and clubs. Proposing solutions, making curtain rods to order and sewing curtains made to measure. Helpful, courteous and professional staff can assist you in choosing the right materials and styles for your private or office!
The rich offer represented as: * Curtains, draperies and upholstery fabrics of different-composition and patterns * curtains contemporary design made of quality materials: • ceiling curtain - ALU and PVC curtain • Decorative drapery made from wood, brass, nickel, chromium, aluminum. • Flexible curtain * Systems and Mechanisms: • Venetian blinds • Package mechanisms • Panel Systems • Roll Systems • Strip curtains • Pliso curtain
* Wallpaper renowned German manufacturers * Lamps * Covers * Bedding * Towels * Quilted blankets * Quilts * Tablecloths Besides the basic program that are of good quality, non-flammable materials used for the furnishing of hotels and restaurants with facilities.
* CURTAINS, DRAPES AND UPHOLSTERY. Curtains and drapes. Curtains and drapes are one of the most important decorative elements in each area. Carefully selected fabrics in combination with appropriate drapery space provide a unique, special atmosphere. Colors and designs of these fabrics need to be harmonized with the style of interior design. Their choice give special attention because their role is very important. Affect the amount of light in space and the reflection color, define and frame the surface of walls and windows and connect with other elements of composition. Appropriate curtains for the windows changing view of the world, raise your mood and enable us to freely enjoy our space. Windows without curtains and decor can seem cold and muddy. The fabrics that we offer are imported from Turkey, Syria, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain. Represented the natural materials: cotton, linen, viscose ... Also we offer synthetic materials and blends of natural and synthetic.
Sponges Large selection of carefully chosen material for furniture, quality fabrics with modern design, warm colors and relief structures are the best recommendation for your furniture. The composition guarantees quality fashion clothes: Fabric made from cotton, viscose, acrylic and polyester. To equip the hotel we have a special program non-combustible materials - curtains, draperies and upholstery fabrics.
* curtains contemporary design made of quality MATERIALS: • ceiling curtain - ALU and PVC curtain • Decorative drapery made from wood, brass, nickel, chromium, aluminum. • Flexible curtain
* Systems and Mechanisms: • Package mechanisms Roman curtains or package mechanisms produce tailor-made from the materials we offer, chosen by the customer. Were done so that they can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or on the window or door. May have more weights (classic box), when made of heavier materials, or just a tag, when you work from lightweight materials. • Panel Systems Panel Systems, as well as flat surfaces in several parts, sliding into the rails along the glazing. We play all kinds of materials in accordance with the needs of your interior. • Roll Systems
• Venetian blinds Venetian blinds may serve as an ideal solution for protection from the sun. They are widely used in furnishing residential and commercial properties. In addition to security features can also serve as an ideal decorative detail. They are made in many colors and can be mounted in a wooden, metal and PVC joinery. • Pliso curtain Plise curtains are very widely used in the furnishing of private and commercial properties. Serve as a great decorative detail in space, they are very functional. They are available in a wide range of colors and is recommended in combination with conventional curtains. • Strip curtains As its name suggests striped curtains are made up of strips that can be rotated around its vertical axis, depending on your wishes. They are made in many colors and there are different patterns strips. They are very easy to maintain and operate. Fixed to the ceiling and onto the set above the windows, depending on the height of the ceiling.
* WALLPAPER from renown German manufacturers. As an ideal decorative detail the wallpaper is making a comback in your homes. They can be used to decorate just parts of walls or the entire rooms. We have lots of designs and colours as well as wallpaper with children's motifs.

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