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Address: 2 Akademska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2612-547, 063/7276-160

4/ 5stars

"Kesten" bakery is located in the center of Zemun next to the Aviation center.

In addition to the broad selection of classic baked goods we also offer sweet and savory cocktail pastries program for various kinds of occassions.

From our savory program we'd like to highlight:
- Cocktail pizzas
- Mini pies (cheese, meat, mushrooms, greens)
- Mini breadskics (cheese, meat)
- Mini croissants (empty or with cheese)
- Mini cornbread
- Cocktail ham
- Mini sandwiches
- Cocktails breadsticks
- Rolls (greens, pizza)

In our sweet program we offer:
- Mini pies (apple, cherry)
- Mini strudel
- Choco cocktail
- Vanilla cocktail
- Vanila cookies
- Sweet baked sticks