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Open on Sundays Free WiFi Parking


Sports complex “Coin” can be found near Belgrade Arena in New Belgrade at 72 Milentija Popovica street. Constructed in 2012, the recreational miniature football dome, with artificial grass courts, has become the most popular gathering place for all fans of this sports activity.

Modernly constructed in accordance with the highest global standards, the “Coin” soccer dome is your best choice when you want to have fun and play sports in good company. Physical activity is very important especially in the winter months if you want to maintain your health at an enviable level. All you need to do is practice sports a few times a week in order to restore or maintain your physical shape.

Sports complex “Coin” also offers you:

* Vehicle parking (zone 3)
* The latest LED lighting
* No condensation problems thanks to a double membrane
* Open air gym
* Open air playhouse
* Possibility of recording your term
* Equipment, balls and markers – NIKE brand

Our open gym allows you to shape your muscles and enjoy fresh air at the same time. If you visit us with your little ones, they can use our children’s playhouse in open air.

Recreational football in the dome, gym and children’s playhouse in the open.

Your perfect choice for recreation and sports.

“Coin” New Belgrade soccer dome.

Our soccer school for ages 5-15 also takes place at our “COIN” dome. The school takes place between September and July. Within the school program there are also our winter and summer camps. The school participants can enter various national and international miniature football tournaments.

In April 2017 the school entered an international tournament in Barcelona.


The soccer court dimensions are 38x18 with edges. In addition to artificial grass with granulates, the dome also owns a digital scoreboard that shows the time and score during games.

Air-conditioned space in the winter with thermogenic heating in the summer at our “Coin” dome allows for ideal conditions for practicing sports.

You can record your term.

Locker rooms

We own 4 modernly furnished locker rooms with central heating, floor heating and blow dryers. Seeing how the entrance to the locker room is possible exclusively with a pass, we provide maximum security for your possessions.


WiFi and 3 smart TVs allow you to follow any sport event live at all times. There’s also a large summer garden with the view of the court and the BEST poured beer!

We rent out our cafe and garden for your birthday and other celebrations with the ability to use the soccer court.


In our large, luxurious summer garden during the summer months you can be refreshed with the best poured beer in the city. Secure WiFi as well as 3 smart TVs allow you to follow any sports event live at all times as well as the game going on at our court. The garden is air-conditioned and ideal for rest and relaxation.

Children’s corner and playhouse out in the open

If you visit us with your little ones, we offer a free children’s playhouse in the open where they can play safely.