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Working hours

Monday 08:00 - 01:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 01:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 01:00
Thursday 08:00 - 01:00
Friday 08:00 - 01:00
Saturday 08:00 - 01:00
Sunday 08:00 - 01:00


  • Bus: 30, 31, 33, 39, 42, 47, 48, 59, 78, 401, 402, E9
  • Tram: 9, 10, 14

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Useful information

Our very first establishment, the “Pivo i kobaja” pub, is located near the St. Sava’s Temple, at 1 Branicevska street in Vracar. Our two-level space was decorated with a lot of love and effort. Our interior follows the story of beer and bikers who have finally regained their place in Belgrade, where they feel at home, as they say.

However, no matter whether you’re a biker, a student, young or old, we won’t fail to meet your expectations. You only need to visit us once and try our menu and we are sure we’ll see you again, but with your friends and loved ones in tow! Our interesting interior, good energy, quality food and beer are only some of our features that give us our confidence. A lot of work, patience and love were invested in our establishment for private reasons and a personal dream to share our quality with anyone who dreams of delicious sausages, good beer and great fun.

Our menu includes French, English and Serbian breakfast for all tastes and morning moods.

In May 2016 we opened our second “Pivo i Kobaja” pub in Zvezdara at 36 Ruzveltova street, across the way from TC Zira.

What sets this pub apart from others is its beautiful and spacious garden which recently gained a roof...we have done everything to make sure your enjoyment is complete. Our delicious trademark sausages await you here as well, in addition to prime ribs, wings, German drumsticks – in short all that you’ve grown to know and love, now closer and more convenient!

Our ambiance was arranged in a modern yet authentic theme. We have lights made out of beer bottles, barrels on ceilings and tons of beer-themed decorations.

We’re not only a great place during the day, but we’re also the pinnacle of night life where with tested delicious sausages and beer, you and your friends can also enjoy rock, jazz and pop music. The servings can be any size for any taste and appetite, and our beer selection will please even the pickiest customers.

Our polite staff at “Pivo i Kobaja” are there to welcome you every day from 8AM – 1AM.

After opening our pubs at 1 Branicevska street and 36 Ruzveltova street, we realized that we still didn’t have enough room to accommodate all our regular guests, so on the 30th of November 2017 we opened the long-awaited third pub called “Pivo i Kobaja Garage” located in New Mercator at 4 Umetnosti Boulevard in Belgrade.

Our third establishment is our largest pub so far, decorated with a lot of attention and love. We took care of every detail to make sure all our pubs follow the same theme. The walls are decorated with beer posters and Harley Davidson motifs, motorcycle wheels decorate the ceiling, the tap is shaped as an exhaust pipe and integrated into the bar, the floor is covered in motorcycle wheel marks so you feel like you’re in a real garage.

We are also proud of the gas tanks which decorate the wall of our pub and are collector’s items in their own right. They are all about 20 years old and have served as a tone sample to help Harley Davidson fans pick out their future rides. Since this is a garage, as a special detail there is also a pump which dates from 1956 and used to be a part of the famous Route 66. There is also our rare collection of over 170 taps, beer handles and other such miscellanea which decorates our walls like special finishing touches. We took care to put every detail in its place, so we have also arranged the toilets with sinks that look like wheels and water which you run by “pushing on the gas paddle”. Whether you love sausages, ribs, wings or anything else, we’ll make sure you leave our establishment with your bellies full and your faces smiling.

In our new establishment we have expanded our beer offer so we now have a selection of 12 poured beers and over 70 brands of bottled beers. As in the other two pubs, you can enjoy dringing “giraffes” of 2.9, 6 and 9L of beer.

We have kept all the standards you’ve grown to love in our previous pubs and made sure to delight you even more.

- 1 Branicevska street
- 36 Ruzveltova street
- 4 Bulevar umetnosti

Our kind staff is there to welcome you every day.





PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd
PIVNICA PIVO I KOBAJA Beer shops Beograd


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