Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 48f Stevana Filipovica st., Zeleznik
Belgrade Phone: 064/1855-993

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Accounting agency Vita is engaged in providing accounting services for all activities for both companies and businesses, caterers, craft shops, bakeries and other activities.
In addition to accounting services to its clients, thanks to years of experience, making it easier to work through the business, financially and tax consulting, as well as the interpretation of regulations and notification of all changes and taxes.
- Computerized processing of data (daily update)
- Stock and financial accounting
- Transport within the country and abroad of
- Calculation of VAT
- Payroll-registration service, turning in m4
- check-in and check-out of workers
- Certification of health cards
- Preparation of annual accounts
- Transfers of all forms and calculating the tax administration
Prices of services is determined at the beginning depending on activity and current data at their disposal.
Payment per month.

Tel: 064 / 1855-993 011 / 405-9871
Working hours: 08-16 h
Contact person: Verka
Tel. 064 1855993