Bookbinder Belgrade

Address: 199 Ugrinovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2198-910, 063/888-0-295

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Bookbinding Cover is primarily engaged in bookbinding and photocopying services, and printing with the all electronic media (black and white and color), and scanning. We offer superior quality at very affordable prices. Does the job very quickly. Theses cover (hard cover with printing issues on the cover), very convenient for students. A top quality we cover theses, specialist and seminar topics with writing. We are working on a sample, make a holster for diplomas, plaques, etc. boxes. We give special benefits to legal entities as well as the ability to pay through the account. Bookbinding Services - Binding (hard and soft cover) - Binding (spiral) - Connecting the final papers - Master's theses, doctoral dissertations - to printing threads - zlatotisk - Binding official gazettes - Binding - linking projects - Cases for graduation - Charter, plaques - Menus, wine list - Leather cover, as well as in half-leatheri - Services zlatotisk - Work in the adopted sample - Various Box Services digital printing and copying - Print in color and black and white - Business Cards - Menus - Various flyers - As with all promotional printed material