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Bosch pumps Belgrade
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Diesel service Ristović Belgrade

Diesel Service Ristović service with the longest tradition in Belgrade. Many years of experience, professionalism in business as well as the treatment of each client we stand out and make a big difference to others. We are located at 31 Tesla at Umci, not far from the main road Obrenovac - Belgrade. We meet all your problems as soon as possible. We are here to care for and service your car so that he and after many years of driving radio as new.

We offer a complete:

- service stations,
- Service COMMON RAIL system (CRS),
- Service nozzles,
- Service the heater,
- Service of turbochargers for all types of diesel engines (passenger and freight).

High pressure pumps

High pressure pumps are the heart of a diesel engine. Her main role is to inject fuel into individual cylinders to run a diesel (diesel) engine. When servicing the pump in our service are changing all wearing parts, the pump is then calibrated using a special tool. After that go to the testing and fine-tuning on the test stand for testing diesel pumps. During installation, the pump static sets. The general recommendation is to service high pressure pumps made after 100,000 kilometers. In this way, improved operating parameters, improves performance, reduces fuel consumption and reduces emissions. Best equivalent for money is reflected in improved driving conditions and fuel economy. Preventive maintenance reduces the risk of major damage and prolong the durability of the heat! When changing the parts are used exclusively original spare parts.

testing of nozzles

For proper operation of injection and diesel engine valves are very important, and in every service precisely adjusted and fillings replaced. This ensures proper jet fuel injected, which is very important for good combustion. Combustion starts at the surface of the droplets, each droplet is an independent source of ignition, so it is important that the fuel is better dispersed.


Diesel Service Belgrade is equipped with modern technology to control the correctness of the whole system of pumps, nozzles, pressure sensors, pressure regulators ... Servicing and repairs CR station is done with complete quality assurance. Full overhaul CR injectors is one of our specialty services.



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