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“ISKON mode” shop

If you ever wondered where you could find authentic and luxurious clothing items that will allow you to express yourself as a modern person with a refined style who knows what they want and have a refined taste for top line quality and modern design but also values tradition and true values at the same time - ISKON mode shop is the right place for you.

The idea about starting “ISKON mode” came about from a personal need for original outfit combinations for a wedding. A wish for an authentic wedding gown which is reminiscent of traditional styles but isn't exactly folk wear has brought the founders of Iskon mode brand far indeed.

ISKON mode began work in 2010 in Kragujevac, and after four years of dedicated work and continuous growth and development the seat of the business moves to Belgrade in 2014.

Family values and uncompromising love for nature and tradition have followed our brand since its inception until today. Belief in tradition and excellent quality have made ISKON mode recognizable in our national market and in the region but we didn't stop there. Our brand has expanded to other sophisticated markets such as Germany and Switzerland as well as the mighty economies like China and Russia.

During our years of work and existence we have done our best to include various family businesses, workshops and craftsmanships in our production. We believe that people who truly love their work can reach the greatest heights of quality and best results.

ISKON mode works in production and trade of men and women's clothing - shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, tunics, coats, jackets, ponchos, blasers, scarves, cloaks. Most of our products are made using natural materials such as flax, silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, moher and such. In production we do our best to utilize traditional work techniques that separate our products from others, making them unique and original. Some of the techniques we use in production involve hand weaving, hand crocheting, hand knitting and poentless.

Unique, luxurious and hand-woven scarves for men and women are our proudest feature. All our scarves are made out of natural materials like cashmere, moher wool, alpaca, angora, silk, flax, viscose and cotton. Whether you need an elegant, formal scarf or a big and cozy winter scarf/cloak for cold weather we have a lot to offer.

ISKON mode luxury scarves make for ideal gifts for your loved ones or business partners and associates. We have experience in B2B business and we are especially proud of our cooperation with Porsche Finance Group Serbia who recognized the values we share which include highest quality, flawless design, longevity, tradition and always unique style.


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