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Security Systems In a time of rapid technological development of auto industry and the training of the very car is becoming more common occurrence of more sophisticated methods of theft. The progress of electronics on vehicles manufactured by a new generation of thieves who are using computer equipment perfected a technique of overcoming the conventional protection system and even appears that effective protection and does not exist. But the study of present system of protection to twenty years of experience in this field we have come to solutions that provide maximum safety and the vehicle owners in high-risk situations such as vehicle theft in car parks or attempted kidnapping on the streets. As the practice shows that all conventional, standard and factory systems are usually installed in vehicles are not very effective, there is a need for specific, unique systems of care that are adapted to the particular car model. DELTA ELECTRONIC every security system is fundamentally and uniquely designed and has avoided the possibility of sabotage, and neutralize the protection of the normal and most common. DELTA ELECTRONIC protection systems are a combination of several sub-systems, components and electronic alarm protection with the addition of protection

AT-LOCK pin needle wheel lock combined in a specific, creative and unique way. Multiple electronic and mechanical protection (containing 7-15 components) to cover all vulnerable points on the vehicle and makes unbroken chain from the start demoralize potential thieves, and protects the vehicle is not only theft but also from damage that occurred during the attempt. The car is protected from unauthorized launch even if the thief owned original key and remote control of vehicles and alarm system. Protected against also be covered, pushing and kidnapping at a traffic light while the engine is running even, and when the owner failed to take anything to prevent it. DELTA ELECTRONIC advantage of the protection system is that it is an attempt to sabotage any part thereof, further disables the vehicle and attempted aggravated theft by reducing the time attempts to a minimum. Provides extra protection and automatic switch that reduces the risk of mistakes and forgetfulness of the human factor. Also a big advantage

DELTA ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS is reflected in the fact that does not use CAN-BUS digital communication link with car computers and is therefore avoided the possibility that due to a fault occurring disorder occurs electronics or delete software from a mainframe computer to the vehicle. Additionally prevents thieves off a computer alarm, so it avoided the possibility that the eventual failure of the system vehicle is on the road. Also, the system is maximally reliable, no complaints and does not affect the factory warranty vehicle. DELTA ELECTRONIC SYSTEM is also acknowledged by many insurance and car company as a serious standard of protection. Another peculiarity DELTA ELECTRONIC care system is that it comes in limited quantities and small series in order to avoid overproduction, which inevitably leads to weakening of the protection system.

DELTA ELECTRONIC SYSTEM protection is fitted to the high class vehicles, which was most at risk of theft (Audi, Porsche, VW, Bentley, Mercedes, BMW, ...) and in a cheaper class of vehicles (RENAULT, CITROEN, SEAT, SKODA, PEUGEOT, OPEL etc. .) because you can not exactly say what it does not steal.
MECHANICAL PROTECTION OF VEHICLES AT-WEDGE-LOCK NEEDLE (A nti-T-LOCK heft) to lock the wheel is superb mechanical protection which is particularly effective in combination with electronic protection. Blocking the shaft control by preventing wheel rotation, thus towing, pushing and steering. Does not disturb the aesthetic interior and functions of the vehicle. Simply lock the second lock is a need for 2 seconds, of course, if you have the key. For the system provides a lifetime warranty because it is routine maintenance, since there are no wearing parts, because there is no friction when used.

AT NEEDLE WEDGE-LOCK locking system for steering the company DELTA ELECTRONIC patent, and is protected by a trademark at the Intellectual Property Office under registration number 61553, the Patent Office was introduced under the number p-2010/0016 and owns certificates of safety and functionality as number 612 -22-9/09 612-22-190/09 and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. We emphasize this because of frequent copy-AT LOCK locks and due to improper installation, are undergoing damage to vehicles, and creates confidence in people who are not informed that any "needle" or "wedge-LOCK NEEDLE AT WEDGE lock the steering wheel. It is particularly important to respect the procedure of installation for the delicacy of the control you-stem any improvisation by the incompetent person can produce a serious consequence of the per-driver and car. DELTA ELECTRONIC service also deals with the repair of all electronic and electromechanical failures of the new generation of vehicles that require experience and professional knowledge of electronic systems.

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