Car glasswork Belgrade

Address: 23 Ugrinovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/210-3393, 063/492-020, 063/492-010

4.5/ 5stars

Glass service was founded in 1992 and works in repairing, setting up and for all kinds of motor vehicles.

In March 2015 Glass Serbice Zemun joined our service network.

As the name says it is located in Zemun at 23 Ugrinovacka street.

Selling and replacing car glass surfaces.

For replacement we use only the glass from leading global manufacturers in the car industry, Saint Gobain, Pilkington, Guardian, Nord Glass, XYG.

The glass in your windshield is replaced using the highest quality machines and tools, Equalizer, Pro Glass.
For installing glass we utilize only the SIKA glue that is the leader in production on the global level.

Repairing windshield glass

Higly capable professionals work only to the highest standards of technology used in over 30 countries of the world. Repairing the windshield is usually several times cheaper than replacing it and can be done with many kinds of damages.

For free advice you can always call us and we'll help you find the solution for all kinds of problem.


Car glass foil
Glass service Zemun uses LLUMAR protective foils of the highest quality and best features. Covered with a thn film of aluminium and carbon they reflect damaging solar rays (excess light, heat and UV radiation) they regulate the temperature in the car. The foils we offer are in accordance with the state laws.

Polishing headlights
Physical damages such as scratches and chemical and thermal influences as a result of intensive sunlight and constant work both contribute to damaging the outside of the headlight. There is reduced visibility during night driving making your vehicle harder to see in night driving and the visual effect is lessened.

The procedure of polishing headlights involves removing the damaged layer, flattening the outside area and applying the protective layer.

Making and installing rearview mirrors

Our experts will in the shortest possible time make rearview mirrors faithful to the original. For the rearview mirror glass we use only concave lenses that give the desired effect when driving.


Glass service Zemun offers the service of installing new, used and repairing all factory-made side rules. If we don't have the parts for your specific model then we can swiftly obtain it. We can also remove all kinds of water leakage on your side rule.

It is advised to service the side rule twice per week (before and after the rainy season). Servicing involves detailed cleaning and lubricating the mechanism as well as clearing out the water drainage system.

Fixing electronic window raisers

We offer you the service of repairing manual and electric window raisers which involves replacing cables, sliders, scissors, holders and producing them. In addition to the repair services we also offer servicing lifters for greater longevity.

Glasswork for construcion machines
We make all kinds of glass for your construction machines.

Field work

For the purpose of the complete offer we also organize field services where our specialized vehicle will come to your location to provide help. If you can't come to us, we will come to you.

Insurance companies
Glass service Zemun has excellent cooperation with all insurance companies. With us you can replace damaged glass and the bill will be forwarded to your insurance company.