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Car bumper service Duki specializes in repairing, painting and fixing bumpers for all brands of vehicles. In addition to fixing bumpers, we also provide full paint and metal works for your entire vehicle at best prices in our city and beyond. Years of experience and the professionalism of our team, safe, efficient and tested work methods that we have perfected as well as the use of the latest equipment and tools are only some of the advantages offered by bumper service Duki.

We would especially like to highlight our more than affordable prices based on the type and difficulty of the solution required. Our bumper service Duki offers a broad array of services, regardless of the damage type:

- Metalwork
- Vehicle painting
- Welding car plastics
- Patching up bumpers – bumper service
- Polishing vehicles and headlights
- Car paintwork

No matter what kind of vehicle we are able to provide you all types of repairs quickly, efficiently and reliably. Our team of professional experts will shortly solve any small or big damages on your bumper or vehicle and make it look like new. Also, for a long line of years we have been successfully welding car plastics. Another service we offer is metalwork as well as complete paintwork for your vehicle.

Thanks to our specialized chambers for painting and using the highest quality dyes and polishes, we can guarantee high quality precise painting for cars and other vehicles. If you’d like to restore your vehicle’s old glow, we recommend polishing vehicles that will efficiently remove scratches and other small damages, making your vehicle look brand new. In addition, we polish headlights which are under the influence of the weather every day, which reduces their performance and life span.

The main purpose of this process is repairing foggy and yellowed headlights which will be restored to their former glory, illuminating our way at night and contributing to road safety.

Let your vehicle shine in a new light – visit our bumper service Duki!