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Car service Belgrade
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Monday 08:00 - 17:00
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  • Bus: 27, 27e, E6

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You will find Car Service Baban in Mirijevo, Belgrade where we’ve worked successfully ever since 1993 as a responsible service that offers a broad variety of services for vehicles from Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Opel, Skoda, Fiat. Our car service also provides spare parts from renown worldwide manufacturers.

We are at your service whenever your vehicle requires:
- Car diagnostics
- Car mechanics
- Small car servicing
- Large car servicing.

Small servicing
We offer minor servicing for all brands of vehicles which is ideal for saving your time and money. We offer basic servicing for all expendable parts such as oil changing, filter and liquid changing, parts of breaking systems and other parts. We offer car diagnostics and resetting service intervals for all kinds of vehicles.

Large servicing
For proper car maintenance it is important to perform major servicing in regular intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle for both mileage and time periods. Our car service Baban offers major servicing with replacing all major parts required for your vehicle’s safety and functionality. All works are done by experts using highest quality materials and tools. It is not recommended to go too long without a major service especially for diesel vehicles and neglecting their maintenance can lead to big damages of your engine.

Car mechanics
We’ve been working in car mechanics since our car service began in 1993. Our team consists of mechanics with years of experience and great attention is paid to investing in our service’s technical capabilities and our team’s own expertise. Our services are done for all technical systems for all types and brands of travel vehicles we offer repairs for all kinds of engines, shifting gears, differentials and trap parts.

Our quality is confirmed by the increased dedication of our clients every single year.

Car diagnostics
Every new vehicle has an in-built electronic system that requires computer diagnostics for all problems and malfunctions. When a malfunction happens the electronic system remembers it as an error and by linking your car’s system to our diagnostic machines we are able to see accurate information on the malfunction.

The systems we use enable us to read memory errors and all kinds of system information for all systems of your vehicle, from fuel injection, ignition and any others.

Our car service Baban offers complete diagnostics for all vehicle brands, we own complete and original computer diagnostics of the latest generation. Our diagnostics and programming tools are recommended by the official distributers. We offer services of programming, coding in advanced standards. Our tools support the latest generations of vehicles. We keep up with the modern trends and invest in our technology and our team’s continued improvement and therefore are always able to offer the best and latest services in car diagnostics.

At your service,

Your car service Baban, Zvezdara Belgrade.