Car wash Belgrade

Address: 8 Stolacka st, Senjak // 59 Sarajevska st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2652-385 // 011/2682-357, 069/2682-357
Fax: 011/2653-156

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CAR CENTER ANDJELKOVIC Authorized repair of SKODA vehicles. Independent work shop founded in 1961, in order to become in 1980 a auto center. With its many years of experience regarding cars and their problems, we stand at your disposal. Phone: 011/2652-385, 2653-156, e-mail:, web site:
MECHANICS - Carburetor repair - Muffler repair - Electronics and diagnostics for vehicles (SKODA, VW, AUDI, SEAT, AUDI, BMW, FIAT, OPEL, MERCEDES, FORD, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, CITROEN, TOYOTA) - Exchange of suspension pack - Vulcanize work - Special advantages for maintenance of companies motor pools.
TECHNICAL EXAM - Vehicle registration - Vehicle insurance - Issuing of green cards and international permits - Issuing of permits for the using of foreign vehicle plates.
CAR AIR CONDITIONING - Repair and maintenance of air conditioning for all vehicle types - Anti bacterial cleaning of air condition vaporizers and vent canals.