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Cardiology Belgrade
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  • Bus: 31, E9
  • Tram: 7, 12
  • Trolley: 19, 21, 22, 29

Additional Locations

Uroš U. Babić,
Internal medicine specialist Duesseldorf
Cardiology specialist Frankfurt
Dr. med. University of Muenster
Dr.sci.&VNS; Belgrade
Visiting Prof. at Civic Hospital Ottawa
Consulting Cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Center Monaco

Diagnostics and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases.

Analysis of coronary angiography and catheter-related findings and an independent opinion of merit regarding recommendations for interventions or heart surgeries – urgency, waiting list, alternative options.

Experience amassed by treating patients using catheter interventions in the following clinics: Herzzentrum Rotenburg/F, Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, Cardiovascular Centum Frankfurt/M, Uni Clinic Koeln, Uni Clinic Bonn, Uni Clinic Aachen, Uni Clinic Goettingen, Uni Clinic Istanbul, Asklepios Clinic St. Georg Hamburg, Uni Clinic

Civic Hospital Ottawa, Uni Clinic Hannover, Uni Clinic Jena, Uni Kinder-Clinic Freiburg, Uni Clinic Essen, Uni Clinic Paris, Uni Clinic Lille, Uni Clinic Clermont Ferrand, Uni Clinic Napoli,  Uni Clinic Firenca, Uni Clinic Nieuwegein,  Uni Pediatric-Clinic Birmingham, Royal Brompton Clinic London, Uni Clinic Cordoba, Uni Clinic Madrid, Uni Clinic  GB Hospital New Delhi, Uni Clinic Jakarta, Uni Clinic Geneva,

Uni Clinic Basel, Clinic Dedinje, Belgrade.