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Imagine the POSsibilities with DA Fratello and NCR RealPOS. In 1994 DA Fratello was founded as a engineering company for the support for smaller and middle computer systems, and already in 1995 it expanded the selection of it services to sophisticated POS systems. Since then until now, the company successfully deals as a system integrating firm for many world famous names such as McDonalds, AAFES, NCR, DELYUG? In 2001 DA Fratello signed a sales and service contract for NCR RealPOS products for our country, as well as the ex-Yugoslavian countries BiH and Macedonia, and thereby becomes a NCR real Partner. NCR is the leader in world technology of manufacturing and sale of POS systems and registers. NCR with its hundred year long experience in the field of manufacturing POS systems and registers, and with the support of DA Fratello, can offer you products and services of highest quality, and boost your business to unimaginable heights
NCR RealPOStm 7454 and NCR RealPOStm 62 POS registers are mainly intended for bars, restaurants, caf?s and hotels. With its touch-screen (screen sensitive to touch) interface, multimedia characteristics and NCR quality, it represents a strong support to your business. It makes the job easier for your staff, and therefore it enables faster work, so you can spend more time on MR. GUEST.
NCR RealPOS 40/ NCR RealPOS 60/ NCR RealPOS 80XRT registers are mainly intended for commercial activity. Their modularity enables you to create a configuration as you desire, depending on your business. Independent or in combination with the, still great, NCR bar-code scanners, they represent SPEED and PLEASURE for your customers and your employees.
NCR RealPOS equipment or How To Make Your Life And Work Easier Aside from RealPOSTM Terminals, NCR developed a wide selection of products which enable you to improve and accelerate your business, and thereby enable you to spend more and better time with your business. Foremost, there are NCR RealPOS scanners where also NCR represent a leader, both by quality and performance which are always a step before others. Then there are RealPOS printers, keyboards, and of course something that only NCR has got, NCR RealPrice, a electronic device that can at any time give your customers real information about product prices, discounts, stock situation, next shipments. Wireless communication with BackOffice servers and registers enable a always accurate price for the products on the stands, and real information about them, all without extra engagement and waste of your precious time and the time of your employees. Imagine the POSsibilities