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PS "Đuro Salaj" - Academy 28 is located in the heart of the city, at the corner of Nemanjina and Svetozar Markovića streets, and includes evening and children's theater, cinema, art gallery, and club music scene.

For many years, some of the most famous comedies that have become cult classics to the Belgrade audience have been performed on the Great Stage of Academy 28. The large hall with 408 seats is suitable for organizing performances, theater rehearsals, workshops, discussions, organized performances for children or companies, seminars, movie screenings...

The children's stage at Academy 28 introduces the little ones to Little Red Riding Hood, Sugary Cinderella, Knight Kojom and Mlato, while Hansel and Gretel often find their way home through our Stage!

The theater season runs from September to June.

The Club entered its fourth decade of existence in 2022, and concerts are held from October to May on Fridays and Saturdays! The music program is dominated by jazz and evergreens, and very often you can hear swing, blues, and Latin rhythms. In our assortment, we also have pizzas, hot sandwiches, sweet and savory pancakes, cold salads, fruit cups...

Within the Club Academy 28, there is the Gallery "Academy 28" with seasonal exhibitions of paintings by members of the Art Club, so visitors can enjoy the paintings of amateur artists along with food and drinks. The gallery space of Academy 28 can be rented for various types of cocktails and catering.

The longest-running segment of Academy 28 is the cinema program, which has been active since 1972, and you can watch new films (mostly) from European cinema every evening.

The schedules of Academy 28 for each sector can be found on the website, where the latest information about activities and schedules is published monthly during the season.