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The basic activity of KONVEREKS Company is trade, installation and servicing of: ups devices, voltage stabilizers, thm filters (reduction of total harmonic distortion of electricity and enabling of speckles work of an ups with a generating unit), sine wave active filters of higher harmonics that are mostly used in industrial systems, sts devices (securing of solidity of work of redundant sources), dc systems for electrical feed for telecommunications, diesel generating units batteries and battery systems. KONVEREKS Company offers: *Help with ups devices and generating units as all following installations *Right choice of generating units and ups devices based on the gathered data *Planning and making of electrical feed installations for ups devices and generating units *keeping and servicing of existing generating units and ups devices *delivery and installation of all kinds of batteries for ups devices *delivery and installation of dc systems for energy feed for telecommunications *measuring, delivery and installation of systems for compensation of reactive energy Partners: APC_MGE Devices for unstoppable electrical feed (ups) - best solutions in critical power and cooling services ELITEK VALERE Dc systems for electrical feed, rectifiers, invertors CTM Diesel-electrical generating units FIAMM Opened and hermetically closed led batteries