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Working hours

Monday 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday We are closed


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Useful information

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Anti-cellulite program

10x rolling pin massage 50min 9500din
10×anti-cellulite massage via hand with algae packaging in an infra-red blanket SAUNA or

10×Maderotherapy anti-cellulite rolling pin massage
12×terms of exercises with fitness instructor Mihajlo Ilic supervision (guided training) at Athletic gym in Vozdovac
Checkup once a week on body volume in cm and weight in kg
For more information call us at:
062 290 209

* Women’s hot waxing:

- Full leg 800
- Full leg and crotch 950
- Full leg and Brazilian 1100
- Full leg, crotch, arm 1200
- Half leg 500
- Half leg and crotch 800
- Half leg and Brazilian 950
- Arm 500
- Crotch 500
- Brazilian waxing 700
- Facial waxing 450
- Upper lip200
- Upper lip and chin 300
- Eyebrow correction 300
- Eyebrow dyeing 300

* Cold-women

- Full leg 900
- Full leg and crotch 1000
- Full leg and Brazilian 1200
- Arm 600
- Half leg 600
- Half leg and crotch 900
- Half leg and Brazilian 1050
- Complete full leg, crotch, arm 1400

* Sugar pasta

- Full leg 1400
-  Full leg and crotch 1600
- Full leg, crotch and arm 2100
- Full leg and Brazilian 1800
- Arm 900
- Half leg 900
- Half leg and crotch 1400
- Half leg and Brazilian 1600
- Armpit 500
- Crotch 700
- Brazilian 900

* Hot waxing for men

- Chest 700
- Stomach 700
- Chest and Stomach 1200
- Back and shoulders 900
- Chest, Stomach, back and shoulders 1900
- Arm 700
- Armpit 500
- Full leg 900
- Half leg 700

* Cold wax for men

- Chest 800
- Stomach 800
- Chest and Stomach 1400
- Back and shoulders 1000
- Back Stomach chest and shoulders 2200
- arm 800
- Full leg 1000
- Half leg 800

Sugar paste for men

- Chest 900
- Stomach 900
- Chest and Stomach 1600
- Chest and shoulders 1200
- Chest Stomach back and shoulders 2500
- Arm 1000
- Armpit 500
- Full leg 1500
- Half leg 1200

- Manicure 600
- Manicure and paraffin 800
- Paraffin treatment 500
- Gel polish 950
- Manicure gel polish 1100
- Gel strong colors  1100
- Gel French 1300
- Nail extensions 1200
- Nail extensions French 1400
- Nail chiropody color 1400
- Nail chiropody French 1600 

- Aesthetic pedicure 900
- Medical pedicure 1100
- Paraffin treatment 500
- Foot massage 500
- Gel polish pedicure 1200
- Pedicure gel color technique 1600
- Pedicure gel technique French 1800
- Toenail gel polish 900
- Toenail gel polish color 900
- Toenail gel French 1200


- Basic hygiene treatment 2100
- Anti-age radiowave treatment 2500
- Hydration treatment 1500
- Diamond microdermal abrasion 1800
- Mesiotherapy without needle 1800
- Diamond microdermal abrasion and facial mesiotherapy 2500 


4 × mesotherapy without needles or diamond micro-dermal abrasion 4800
Main treatment + 4 treatments of diamond micro-dermal abrasion or mesotherapy 6000


- Anti-cellulite massage 30min 700
- Anti-cellulite massage 45min 950
- Partial massage 30min 700
- Therapeutic back massage 950
- Relax massage 60min 1200
- Relax massage 90min  1700
- Sports massage 20min 1200
- Sports massage 45min 1900
- Anti-stress massage 60min 1200
- Foot massage 20min 500
- Hand massage 20min 500


- Anti-cellulite massage and electro-stimulation of the muscles or ultrasound vacuum massage or cryo therapy hot-cold effect 1200
- Anti-cellulite massage and algae package in infrared blanket 9500
- Anti-cellulite massage and “parafango” weight loss mud in infrared blanket 1500
- Anti-cellulite massage and body mesotherapy 1600
- Plaster shorts 2500

“Zvoncica” beauty salon is an oasis of peace and your sanctuary from everyday problems. In our pleasant ambiance our kind and expert staff will do their best to make sure your hair and body shine. Over the years our clients have been the most important thing to us, your happiness is our greatest motivation.

Facial treatments
- Medical hygienic (acne and problematic skin)
- Hygienic (face cleaning)
- Micro dermal abrasion as a part of face cleaning
- Lifting and anti-age program
- Biological facial treatments (face, neck and chest)

Medical hygienic
We especially take care of our younger clients who are going through adolescence and are suffering from the usual skin problems of that age such as acne, greasy skin and similar. The skin care in those cases can be started as early as 14-15 years of age because we strictly use natural products which are suited for young skin and completely medically tested.

Hygienic facial treatments
These treatments are to prepare the skin for further treatment or massages, piling using ultrasound spatulas, calming masks and similar procedures. The process itself lasts from 1hr and 15mins to up to 2hrs. Hygienic treatments result not only in a clean face but also nurtures your skin by hydrating it and improving the microcirculation.

Micro dermal abrasion as part of the cleaning treatment
This process involves controlled removal of the thickened and dead parts of the skin with the goal of removing old skin and smoothing out imperfection and undesired skin changes due to ageing. The depth of the treatment depends on the goal which in turn is based on individual clients’ needs and wishes. Depending on the depth of the treatment we can do anything from simply refreshing your face to strong removal of any kinds of prominent wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring…

Lifting and anti-age treatments
These treatments for the face, neck and cleavage involve a complete skin cleansing, active anti-ageing masks as well as introducing active substances that regenerate and tone your skin. This treatment can last around 90-120mins.

Biological treatment
This treatment involves an intensive skin care procedure using herbal based products that can resolve almost all skin problems. There exist several kinds of this treatment and we select them based on your age and the goal of the procedure.

The biological treatments involve a use of biological concentrates that are specially formulated to treat specific sking problems. The active ingredients of these serums ensure maximum safety and efficiency and guarantee positive results. This treatment is always started by a pilling treatment suited for any type of skin after which we perform an ultrasound pilling that can be done for all types of skin and conditions.

These treatments remove the dead skin and greasy skin types require that before the biological we perform a hygienic treatment of the skin. After that the face, neck and cleavage are treated with biological serums depending on the need. These treatments are individual and adjusted to every client’s needs. Only the hydration factors can be used in any treatment. At our salon we introduce these concentrates using ultrasound waves.

Electronic stimulation of muscles
This treatment is used to shape your body, reduce cellulite and help weight loss. It can result in up to 2-3 cm reduction in the waistline.

The effects of this treatments include fat tissue elimination, enhancing metabolism, reducing volume, improving skin tone.

Vacuum ultrasound massage
This is a globally renown method for removing cellulite and dissolving fat deposits. In four treatments this massage can enhance the blood flow by three times which lasts for three hours after the massage. The waves break down cellulite and the vacuum system performs drainage. For best results around 10-20 treatments 3 times a week are required.

Hair care
Elumen non-oxidation permanent hair dye achieves the best results without oxidation and lasts for a long time.

The NEKSU TREATMENT offers excellent results for complete hair regeneration that are visible after the first treatment.

BRAZILLIAN hair straightening temporarily straightens the hair as well as nurtures it, giving it glow and regenerating it.

Body treatment
Plaster shorts are used to reduce cellulite and lose weight as well as improve skin toning. The products used are based on herbs and contain silicon, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.

Can involve various kinds of treatments. At our salon we offer three kinds of treatments:
- Anesi-crioslim – cold method that dissolves fat and cellulite
- Caviar-thermo used to eliminate fat and cellulite, detox the body, tighten the skin, correct stretch marks, improve circulation.
- Algae treatment for fibrosis cellulite. 

RELAX massages
These gentle massages relax the organism and improve your health by removing stress, exhaustion and mellowing out your muscles. It can be done partially, just for feet, legs, arms, back and such.

This form of therapy uses etheric oils, most commonly lavender or citrus. The best results are achieved by using a mixture. This therapy is suggested for stress relief or any kind of psychological or emotional problems.

This treatment tightens the skin, breaks down cellulite and expels excess water from the organism. The relaxing effect is achieved as well as a feeling of comfort thanks to the scent of chocolate which is proven to increase serotonin in the brain.

The blanket consists of two areas, one for weight lose where the front and the back lose weight evenly. It is the ideal solution for weight loss without exertion, especially suitable for people who are unable to exercise due to mobility issues. Only one treatment can burn up to 600 calories which means around 1-4cm less.

Hot and cold hammer
The panel of this device is used for cold treatment, it is very gentle and it gives the treated skin a sense of freshness. It is ideal for treating loose skin, removing pain from injuries. We usually use it for weight loss treatments such as cellulite reduction and skin toning.

The warm massage panel on the other hand improves circulation and removes excess fat. The massage is done in circular movements so that the excess weight is removed. Here we usually combine this massage with the cold massage resulting in excellent skin tightening results.

Breast lifting using vacuum
This treatment is very simple with results visible after the first session. It is especially recommended if you are currently losing a lot of weight to make sure that your breasts do not lose volume, or after finishing breastfeeding cycle when the breast volume is reduced.

Needleless mesotherapy using radio waves
Mesiotherapy is today considered by the international Society of Mesotherapy one of the safest and most effective alternatives to aesthetic surgery especially for liposuction and cellulite treatments.

Mesotherapy has two effects in these treatments, it both reduces weight and restores the lost tonus. The mesotherapy slows down the ageing process and is very simple, swift and comfortable for the patient.

The latest MESO SENS machine uses electromagnetic methods to perform mesotherapy without injection with high accuracy.

Sugar paste hair removal
This is a completely natural product based on sugar, lemon and herbal extracts. They soothe, soften, moisturize and tone every type of skin, reduces irritation and redness. The aloe-vera breaches to the deepest part of the skin and nurtures, hydrates and rejuvenates it.

Hair removal
For all parts of your body using hot or cold waxing.

Intimate hair removal
For your private parts and armpits uses chlorophyll warm wax which is NOT RECYCLABLE, it is disposed of immediately after use. For face hair removal we use butter wax (cold)


Post-waxing skin care:

We advise to use oil and milk on the skin after the waxing which both removes the remains of the wax and nurtures the skin. After the intimate waxing we use folisan lotion. It very swiftly reduces inflammation and prevents blemishes from appearing.

Aesthetic or medical feet treatments

Pain free removal of ingrown nails or calluses.

The feet should be well looked after regardless of your age. A pedicure is recommended once a month.

For each treatment we use:
- Sea salt for detox
- Pilling paste
- Nurturing and regenerative cream
- Tea tree oils for antiseptic and antifunghi effects.

We would like to highlight:
- Medical pedicure
- Aesthetic pedicure
- Permanent French and gel strengthening

Just like hair nails are an important feature of beauty and it is important to take care of them well, as they reflect your health as well as appearance. Our hand packages improve circulation, hydration and skin elasticity.

Nail art makes your nails different in any way you can imagine. We have a diverse selection of stickers, powders, zircons….

Manicure treatment
The Marina balls are used for manicure, rich in minerals, algae, herbal ingredients. This way the manicure nourishes, disinfects and nurtures your nails and skin.

Hand pilling using fruit acids.

Mango oils for the underskin enriched with mango extract is applied post-treatment.

Nail strengthening using various products.

We have various kinds:
- Base-coat with vitamins
- Gel techniques
- Acrylic techniques
- Gel nail polish
- Nail extensions


4 Treatments of Diamond Micro-dermal abrasion 4800
Basic facial cleaning hygienic treatment + mesiotherapy without needle 2800
Diamond microabrasion treatment + 4 mesotherapy without needle treatments 8000
Basic hygienic facial treatment + 3 mesiotherapy treatments without needles 6000