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Cosmetics salons Belgrade
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Saturday 09:00 - 15:00
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  • Bus: 89, 95, E1, E5, E6
  • Tram: 11, 13, 7, 9

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ProNails – selling products used for manicure, pedicure and nail extensions.

Products for hand, nails and feet care.

Training for nail extensions.

Nail art training and skill refinement for professional nail stylists.

The Holiday ltd. company from Sabac has been the certified representative of the Belgian ProNails company (formerly known as Professionails) in the territory of Serbia for over 13 years.

The quality of our products and the unparalleled safety are our priorities. We know our clients demand a modern look as well as a swift, efficient and safe service. Together as professionals in our line of work we will enable you to give your clients the best possible hand, nail and feet care to further enhance their beauty.

We also offer professional education and support for perfecting your skills as a professional nail stylist. Our expert instructors who continuously practice and perfect their skills have over 600 well trained students behind them, all of which acquired all the necessary knowledge for this line of work.
We are continuously keeping up with world trends and novelties in order to stay one step ahead of everyone. We have made sure to publish the international magazine Pronails Naily News in Serbian so that we could bring all the world’s news in this area directly to you. This is a semi-annual magazine which comes out for the seasons spring-summer/autumn-winter and will always bring you the latest trends, happenings and most actual colors for the upcoming seasons.

In our offer you will find a large selection of professional and efficient products for hand, nail and feet care. Their swift and efficient effects will guarantee you the best results. For all those who wish to experience the unique ProNails effects in their home we have a new line of products for use at home. They are 100% natural products intended for nail care as well as efficient products used for pedicure, along with our selected men’s collection.
All our products can be purchased in our cash&carry center, be ordered by phone or through our website. All the selected packages will be delivered to your home address within 48 hours. The modern age we live in is subject to change and it is for that reason that the company Holiday as the general distributer of ProNails brand in Serbia acts as your best guarantee to increase the number of your clients and secure your future.

Always fresh and new products will delight and keep your existing clients as well as win the hearts of new ones.

Let us be your trusted business partners.

Become one of our many satisfied users of the top of the line Pronails cosmetics!

Selling locations:
Cash & carry and Training Center in Sabac
Roundabout nn
15000 Sabac

Phone: 015/716 01 02
Fax: 015/341-597

E mail:

*Cash & carry Belgrade*
14nj Jurija Gagarina street
Belville settlement, Lily of the valley building
11070 New Belgrade

Phone: 011/630 59 60
E mail:

*What are the Premium salons? *

Many consumers end up confused when it comes to choosing the perfect salon for their face and body care. They want to be sure that they can receive quality service from professionals in one place. The leading global brand in the area of hand, nails and feet care ProNails developed the ProNails Premium salon concept for just that reason.
For Premium salons high quality service and becoming their clients’ sanctuary for beauty comes above all else. For us the care for your hands nails and feet comes in the first place.
ProNails Premium salons have been fully branded by ProNails, they have unique, standardized furnishings and coloring. We are very inspirational and attractive to our clients.
In addition our salons have a vending area where you can find products for personal care. Our assortment includes nail varnishes, nail care products and feet care products.
We proudly highlight the fact that ProNails Premium salons now work not only in Sabac but also in Belgrade, Bajina Basta, Nis, Uzice, Kragujevac and Novi Sad, not to mention abroad in Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Great Britain and Greece.

*The salon offers the following services: *

* Manicure

* Pedicure

* Medicinal pedicure

* Sopolish nail varnish (permanent varnish)

* Gell varnish with nail strengthening

* Nail strengthening

* Nail extensions (permanent French or coloring)

* Chiropody (permanent French or coloring)

* PN varnishes

* Nail art

* Leg depilation (hot and cold)

* Arm depilation (hot and cold)

* Eyelash extensions

* Silk eyelash extensions

* Tanning salon (Mega sun)

* relax massages

* Anti-cellulite massages

* Back massages



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