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Welcome to Logopediliste!

Speech therapy is diverse and involves working with a wide spectrum of disorders, difficulties or delays in acquisition of speech, language, reading, writing or communication that may occur at any age or stage in life presenting challenges for people affected and for those in their environment. 

Among the adults and children who come to Logopediliste you may meet those diagnosed with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, language delay, dyslalia, dysarthria, stammering, verbal apraxia, mental retardation, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, aphasia, etc.

We, however, see and know them as Mark, Andrew, Michael, George, Thea, Vanya, Nadia, Laza, Leposava... Every one of them is unique human being with unique personality, abilities and strengths, who lives in a specific environment and advances in his own time and pace. 

By respecting every person’s individuality, monitoring scientific developments and modernizing and adjusting our tools and methods we are trying to approach every person as an individual and as a social being in order to enhance development of communication skills and support application of what is learned to their environment.

Communication is the basic human right, it enables person to express and to share their needs, thoughts and feelings therefore developing a sense of inclusion and promoting independence and the quality of life.

Teamwork is what we are most proud of. Our team consists of speech therapists, audologists, olygophrenologysts, psychologist, music and drama therapists. We are all ready to give our best to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing. In synergy we are achieving the best results.

Depending on your needs you may receive the following services:

- Individual speech therapy with children
- Individual speech therapy with adults
- Family counseling
- Counseling with teachers
- Fine motor skills workshop
- Music workshop
- Social skills workshop
- Psychomotor reeducation
- Body language training
 Sensory integration therapy

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Working hours:
Mon-Sat 8AM – 9PM
Logopediliste, 4 Omladinskih brigada street, I floor, apt. 2, New Belgrade