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The development center “Expressiva” is a speech therapy and psychology cabinet where we provide services including diagnostics, detection, prevention and treatment for children with speech-language and other development disorders. What sets us apart from others are our years of work on development pathology which has affirmed us in the domain of diagnostics, our continuity in post-degree studies, keeping up with the latest trends and achievements in our domain, a critical awareness when selecting modern theories, methods and techniques and our efforts towards a respectful humane work and relationship.
We are visited by clients from the entire country, Europe and beyond.
We don't normally invest into advertisement because our clients usually (in 90% of cases) come from recommendations from our previous clients.
We will list our activities in various domains:

- Late speech development or lack thereof
- Stimulating speech and language development
- Correcting various pronunciation problems (dyslalia, articulation)
- Insufficient speech and language maturity (dysphasia)
- Disorders in fluency - stammering (using an MIG author technique - vocal modulation and intonation)
- Difficulty in mastering reading, writing and learning
- Preschool preparation
- Developing cognitive function in children with impaired development, pervasive or other disorders
- Disharmonic development disorder
- Behavioral issues in children and youth: anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, ticks, family psychotherapy, anger attacks

We represent teamwork. Our diagnosis defectology team is something we always happily highlight and present because we would like our future clients to know who they are giving their trust. Our professional team is led by Natasa Labovic, graduated defectologist and speech therapist, specializing in social therapy and rehabilitation. As of October 2014 she is the head of the Speech therapist Association of Serbia. She gained her experience by working at the health center of Belgrade and the Institute for psycho-physical disorders and speech pathology “Prof. Dr. Cvetko Brajovic”. She is a years-long professional associate of the Association and portal “Roditelj” of the children's center for family stay, B92 portal and other magazines. She is the organizer and participants of professional scientific congresses, symposiums and seminars.
She has also authored dozens of scientific and specialized papers. She has published a book for speech development titled “Vesna i cipela tesna” (published by Laguna) and her second book of short speech therapy stories is in preparation.

Other associates:

- Borka Zekanović, MA Sci defectologist - speech therapist;
- Anja Obradović, B.Sc. defectologist; Spec. educator; Currently in MA studies.
- Milica Petrović, MA Sci defectologist - speech therapist; Reducer of psychomotor skills.
- Tamara Radojević, Ma Sci defectologist - deaf specialist; Currently the final year of speech therapy. Expert associate at FASPER.
- Tanja Stevanović, B.Sc. speech therapist;
- Milena Andjelkov, PhD student in biological sciences, Ma Sci defectologist - speech therapist;
- Jelena Krivačić, psychologist;
- Sladjana Ivanovic, soc. worker; Systemic family psychotherapist.