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Many conditions, including cerebral paralysis, autism, slowed development and others may cause difficulties in speech and language development. Some children can’t understand language. Others can, but they are unable to efficiently communicate due to pronunciation difficulties. Sometimes children meet challenges in other areas, like hand gesturing or mimic gesturing.

Speech-language therapy is a clinical program intended to improve speech and language skills and oral motor abilities. Children who are unable to properly use their speech and/or language may need to work on their pronunciation or other language skills such as expanding their vocabulary, adopting sentence building rules (but always within the limitation of their age and development)  or training in assistive technologies (computers and various software) through which indirectly they could express their wishes, needs, thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Conditions which require speech and language therapy
- Hearing damages
- Cognitive or other late development
- Weak oral musculature and clumsy movement
- Split lip and palate
- Autism and other development disorders
- Receptive and expressive difficulties in adopting native language
- Disorders in fluency
- Traumatic brain injuries  

Experts suggest that, when needed, therapy should be started as soon as possible in order to provide faster and more thorough progress in the affected areas. Depending on the starting conditions and the needs of the person undergoing therapy, results can sometimes be achieved after a single meeting, while in other cases years of therapy may be needed.

I am a defectologist speech therapist and my goal is to work with you in order to remove all the possible factors that might cause speech and language development problems. When it comes to sensory-motor, cognitive and social-emotional development, we should establish and activate all your strong points and provide support in solving your problems.